Thursday, October 24, 2013


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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Different Kind of LOVE

"The Different Types of LOVE"

When you ask individuals this question you can get lots of different answers.   Some individuals will say it's when you date and LOVE someone of a different race, others may say it's LOVING an individual who may be younger or older than you,  you'll hear things like LOVE is when the individual whom I LOVE does what I say and it goes on and on.  So I decided to look up what the dictionary says the word LOVE means and this is what it said..

  • A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person
  • A feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend
  • Sexual passion or desire
  • A person toward whom LOVE is felt; beloved person; sweetheart
Now, the Bible says that the word LOVE means "purposeful commitment to sacrificial action for another."  

LOVE is a powerful emotion that is selfless and giving.  This kind of LOVE makes you completely happy and confident.  You may ask the question, "Where's can I find that kind of LOVE?"  Well, before you can have this type of LOVE with someone else you have to LOVE yourself completely and totally.  And once you have this type of LOVE on the inside of you the LOVE of your life will come into your life like a flood.  LOVE is powerful and you have to be ready for it or when it comes you'll miss it or mess it up because you have know clue as to what it looks or feels like.  So, think about this have you missed the LOVE that you've been waiting on because you really don't know what LOVE really looks like.  I've learned that LOVE is a powerful force that you can't control but you can enjoy it if you freely let it happen... So my advice is go out there an find LOVE and once you do LOVE hard, long, strong and with all the passion you have because you just my find that it's the joy, happiness, piece, and freedom you've been waiting on...


Monday, October 21, 2013


Freely Given LOVE Freely Reserve LOVE 

I was speaking with a couple of individuals this week about "what LOVE really means" and everyone had a different answer for me which let me know that people don't really know what LOVE is.  People think LOVE is the way someone looks, speak, dress, acts or even how they have sex.  But the truth is none of these things are LOVE these things are just by products of LOVE.  Because if you truly LOVE someone you want to speak correctly, dress well, act or be your best you, and you'll always look you best for them so you see those things aren't LOVE there just the perks of LOVE...

Everyone we live life without LIMITS but they LIMIT how they LOVE one another in our relationships (family, friendships, and romantic relationship).  We want people to LOVE us but we aren't willing to give the LOVE we continually ask others for.  We say to someone you're not loving me the way I need to be LOVE yet you don't even understand what the true meaning of LOVE is.  You can't ask someone to give you something you don't know the meaning of and something you can't freely give in return.  When you ask someone to LOVE you with know LIMITS you must be willing to LOVE that person with no LIMITS at all.  This means opening your HEART and MIND to maybe getting disappointed in your relationship but at the end of the day you will truly be working towards building a LOVING romantic relationship. You must remember that people are human and this mean everything will never be perfect but if you are willing to work hard on LOVE in a relationship then that LIMITLESSNESS will come freely to you, because the other person knows that you are in the relationship know matter what comes up.  So if you want LOVE you must really think about how willing you are to give away the one thing that you whole dear and that's your HEART you can't keep playing the ME game you've got to learn how to live the US life.  

If you look up the word LOVE you will find many different definition for it but when you really find it and you know the you have it don't let any of your selfish thinking keep you from having it.  Life is to short to live without the one thing that God has given to us so freely LOVE.  Today make your mind up and go for the goal LOVE without LIMITS.  It's out there for you just look at what's in front of you because you could already have it and don't even know it...  LOVE is a choose so go make the right one it could be the one thing that puts everything else in your life in order...

So, you may say while what is LOVE?  It's the passion you feel for someone else, it's the way your heart beat when he/she walks in the room, it's sharing looks that only you understand, it's holding hands for no reason, it's sharing your dreams and goals without feeling like you're been judge, and it's the willingness to make sure that the other person has what they need first.  LOVE is making a difference in the way you think about your life if that person wasn't in it... This is LOVE and it's worth having so don't hold back and don't give it up because you may never find it again...


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sometimes You Forget What Love Looks LIKE!!!


Is LOVE suppose to be HARD or is it that these days individuals do know how to WORK to guide something so important as LOVE?

When did LOVE become a game for individuals to play with others HEARTS?  I have come to the conclusion that these day individuals want microwave LOVE and that's not LOVE that's just Lust and most individuals don't have any ideal how to LOVE.  LOVE isn't something you do for a few months LOVE it's something you do for a LIFETIME.  I've found that individuals throw the word LOVE around like it's NOT IMPORTANT at all so when they say it to someone it's just another word in their vocabulary with NO meaning.  They say the word LOVE  just like they say the word "it" again it's a word that really doesn't have any meaning in there mind or HEART.  It's a way to get another individual to do what they want them to do and act the way they want them to act.  I've always been told when you say to someone that you LOVE them mean it or don't say it because LOVE is one of the most important words in the English language and it means more than any jewels, cars, homes, clothes you could ever purchase.  So, for me LOVE is so IMPORTANT that I don't waste it on just anyone.  I've learned that everyone doesn't see LOVE like I do...but for those of you that do don't ever give up on LOVE because it's WORTH having with the RIGHT individual.  

So, I guess the answer to my question is LOVE is worth WORKING on and for... LOVE is always thinking of your PARTNER first, making sure he/she always has ALL of YOU, when you're apart you can't wait to be with them again...LOVE is giving your HEART to someone without HESITATION and known that they are WORTH it even when they think there NOT...  LOVE is missing that INDIVIDUAL so much that when you SEE them your HEART dances in your CHEST.  It makes you feel like a CHILD when you're with them and you FEEL so ALONE when you're not with them.  This is real LOVE and if you have it do whatever it takes to KEEP it because at the END OF THE DAY LOVE is always WORTH it!!!


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Being Single

"Single Ladies and Gentlemen It's Your Time to LIVE"

Sometimes it's hard being SINGLE in today's world but remember this if you know how to treat yourself you'll always know what to look for in a partner for life.  Don't sell yourself short by allowing or settling for less than what you know you deserve in a relationships.  As a single person it's your time to explore life on a different level you can travel, go read a book at the beach or in the park, go to dinner with friends,  go to the movies with no worrying if the person you're with is having a great time or not because you know the person you're with like what you're doing because it's you and at the end of the day life is great when you're loving you first...  This is the time you get to be a little selfish and only think about your feeling, wants and needs... Please take advantage of these moments because when you're in a relationship you have others to think about... My challenge to all the singles is live your live today because you're not promise tomorrow... You know right from wrong and you know what to do and what not to do so LIVE you only get one chance to truly be YOU!!!


Note: There's someone for everyone just make sure you're with the right one not just someone because you're lonely...  It's better to be alone then being with someone who leaves you feeling lonely all the time... 
(I had to check mines)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Book Club Ladies

Having a great time with the ladies in book club.  This months book was "What Looks Like crazy on an Ordinary Day "

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Example of a STRONG WOMAN!!!

As women sometime we forget who we are and what we are... Just in case you have forgotten who you are today I wanted to remind you that you are the most important people on this earth.  You bring forth life to another human being, smart, set a standard for them to follow an they do, you have the heart of God and you love just as God does and at the end of the day you put everyone you love needs before yours.  God made you because he knew you (woman) would always be an example of His love...  So, women of the world don't ever forget who you are and all the things you're capable of doing on this earth.  You hold life in your wound and you hold standards in your heart.  Today, remember what God has always known about you... You're the most precious PEARLS and you where made to be able to withstand all types of pressure no matter what comes your way without fainting.... And, while you're going through the pressures of life you have the SWAG to hold the weight on your shoulders while still looking like everything is great... Women stand up and be proud of everything you do in a day because without you the situations wouldn't things and people would stay the same and never change...

The saying is "Behind every successful man is a GREAT women" when it should be "Because of every GREAT women there's a successful man."   Take your place in the front of the line because that's where you are suppose to be.  If you need an example of a GREAT WOMEN OF STRENGTH HERE!!! SHE IS



S: Stylish, Sociable, Sexy
W: Well-Dressed, Well-Mannered
A: Appealing, Attitude, Alluring
G: Glamours, Gorgeous


Friday, August 30, 2013

Bringing My SEXY Back

My Trainer is helping me get my SEXY Back.  I'm so happy to started this new lifestyle with the best Trainer in Charleston...


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Note to a Father From His Son

Today is the day you remind your father how much u love and care about him. Today is the day you show your dad that you appreciate what all he had done for you and how thankful you are for the help he has given you to succeed. But to me, today is the day I reminisce on the man that made and groomed me into the man I am today. Today is the day I remember all the times I have enjoyed with the man my mom fell in love with and the man I looked up to and try to be. Today is the day when emotions are high Because I continue to miss the man that helped in given me life on earth. Today is the day I just wish I could tell my father one more time that I love him and I always appreciate what he does for me.... I love you dad an wish you were here to see me as I mature into a better man...

Love always,

Your son 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Women of Fruit Event

Today I spoke at the "Women of Fruit" event and there were a lot of wonderful people there.  There messages were very life changing and the vendors were also wonderful.  I spoke with one of the best Personal Trainers ever his name was James and he's located at Bold Fitness at 113 B College Park Rd.  Ladson, SC 29456.   Him and his finance are great example of living your passion... I look forward to having him as my new trainer.  Thanks to "Women of Fruit" founder Savonnia Sharp Judge for inviting me because I'm now going to be in great shape now... James and his team are the influencers when it comes to fitness...  SMOOOCHESSS!!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Quote of the Day

"Life Lesson for Every Woman"

It's probably not just by chance that I'm alone.  It would be very hard for a man to live with me, unless he's terribly strong.  And if he's stronger than I, I'm the one who can't live with him...  I'm neither smart nor stupid, but I don't think I'm not a run of the mill person.  I've been in business without being a businesswoman, I've loved without being a woman made only for love.  The two men I've loved, I think, will remember me, on earth and in heaven, because men always remember a woman who caused them concern and uneasiness.  I've done my best, in regard to people and to life, without precepts, but with a taste for class and style...


Monday, August 19, 2013

How to Tell If Your Relationship Is Really in Trouble

Note:  I was reading this article and I could see where my pass relationships went wrong.  So I thought it maybe that others could find themselves in this article and save there relationship because I manage to lose my relationship by missing some major signs.  This article gives you great insight on how to stop yourself from making big mistakes in your relationships.  Read it and learn the signs of trouble in your relationship and take action to correct them...

Discover the tiny, seemingly insignificant signs that may mean things are going to get rocky between the two of you.
By Leigh Newman

All marriages have problems: He gives you the silent treatment instead of talking when he's upset; you pay more attention to the kids' school art projects than to the details of his day; neither of you can agree on the fate of Peggy after leaving Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce on Mad Men. This, you tell yourself, is just what happens after so many years together, right? Or...not right? Because, sure, you're not fighting, and nobody's having an affair. But at the same time, what if dangerous issues are brewing? How can you are you supposed to know?

William Doherty, PhD, the Director of the University of Minnesota's Couples On the Brink project helps more than 60 exceptionally troubled couples a year. In his 35 years of doing this kind of work, he's noticed a handful of almost imperceptible signs when two people are just beginning to splinter apart. He tells us what to look for—when it comes in your own thoughts and actions—that may signal a crisis to come.

1) You're Doing a Lot of Cost-Benefit Analyses

Perhaps this is you. While walking home from work, you have a little conversation with yourself: "I make dinner every night, plus, I said sorry when he freaked about organic toothpaste—even though I love organic toothpaste and it's not too expensive. In fact, now that I think about it, I'm usually the first to apologize...and the first to stay home with the kids at night. I work so hard. And what am I getting in return? A hug before bed? The occasional bunch of flowers?"
What you're doing here is a cost-benefit analysis. Corporations do this all the time. A company that makes, say, skinny jeans, compares the energy, money and time all of its departments put into producing them with the energy, money and time it gets out of selling them, to figure out if it should keep manufacturing pants—in a style that horrifies short, round women all over the world—or just stop.
People also use this technique to make decisions. "At the beginning of the relationship," says Doherty, "this kind of accounting is natural and appropriate [for couples] deciding whether or not to commit." But if you've already joined your life with someone else, you may not realize that by engaging in this kind of emotional inventory, you're already seeing yourself as separate from your spouse. Your time, energy and resources are not his time, energy and resources. You're one business, and he's another, instead of the two of you being united for the profit of all.

2. You're Conducting an Imaginary Marriage

Just to clarify, an imaginary marriage is not an imaginary affair, complete with dreams of secret rendezvous in obscure motels. It's a more subtle and, at times, harder-to-recognize fantasy, says Doherty. What to look for? You sitting at your desk, watching Jeremy from production post yet another blissful photo of his wife and himself on Facebook—this time of their trip to Napa for her birthday. A thought crosses your mind: "Jeremy is so much more considerate than my husband."
Pretty soon, you make the leap to thinking things like: "If I were married to Jeremy, I'd never spend another holiday at home watching parades on TV." In your reveries, you tell yourself you'd go to Paris with him. You'd come home at night to him in the kitchen making veal cordon bleu. The two of you would never argue about the cost of non-generic toilet paper or give each other lectures on how many squares you're allowed to use. Because, in this relationship, you don't have to deal with all those pesky details that challenge real-life marriage and that probably also caused you to invent Jeremy, the ideal hubby, with whom no man, not even your good, adorable, non-cordon-bleu-making husband can compare. You've lost interest in your husband taking you to Paris or posting photos of you on Facebook. You're not ready to leave him in reality, but in the vast and unchecked world of your mind, you're looking for Mr. Anybody Else.

3. You're Building a Second Home

In a lot of marriages, there comes a time when you realize, "Hey, my husband isn't meeting all my needs. And I just have to accept that and start taking care of myself." This can be a healthy decision. Let's say you love all things literary, and he doesn't. So you join a book group, and maybe make some friends on Good Reads or Shelfari. Metaphorically speaking, you've built yourself a little room in your life and filled it not just with books but with friends who love books. You have all kinds of wonderful conversations there.
Where things get dicey, says Doherty, is when you commit to more and more groups. As you get busier and busier, you build a room for each different activity, then fill that room with new intimates — now, you've built a gardening room and a PTA room, as well as a room for your weekly office drinks date. In fact, you have a whole house for your emotional life, and that doesn't include a room for your spouse.
One way to tell the difference between nurturing your own interests and moving out of your marriage, says Doherty, is to examine how you talk about your activities. If you're saying, "I've got to get my opera fix," on the way to the opera guild, then you're talking about your love of opera. But if you're saying, "I've got to do what I want," then you're looking for something much larger and more perilous for your relationship.

4. You're Keeping Coffee Dates Secret

After you've built the second home, there's often a tendency to hide what happens there. Let's say you and your friend—not your crush, not your secret love or your secret passion—from book club have coffee one afternoon. Over coffee, you two talk about the memoir Wild. You bring up your own mother's death. She brings up her own experimentation with drugs. The two of you share some pretty heavy intimacies. When you come home, your spouse asks what you did today. "I worked," you say. "And then I picked up the dry cleaning and called that guy about the car."
The problem is not that you shared an intimacy with somebody else, says Doherty, "but that you edited the event out of the conversation." In other words, you're hiding a meaningful exchange from the person you supposedly most trust—and you didn't give that person the opportunity to have that meaningful exchange with you. Another way to think about it? You took an emotional risk with someone, but you didn't (or couldn't or wouldn't) take the lesser risk of telling your spouse about it.
In all these situations, says Doherty, whether you recognize it or not, you're beginning to start a new life—as yourself, the individual, and not yourself, the part of a couple. At times, you may be convinced you're just giving yourself some space or giving your spouse some time to himself. But all that space and time can quickly turn into emotional light years. Thankfully, this distance can also lead to some clarity on whether or not you want to return back to where the two of you started—over thousands of revolutions of the planet that mark the rest of your experiences on earth.

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Naked Truth: Give Yourself Permission To Pleasure Yourself

The Naked Truth: Give Yourself Permission To Pleasure Yourself: "It's Your Turn Ladies" Stimulating touch is a gift women, but we don't do it enough to ourselves. The first sexual ...

Give Yourself Permission To Pleasure Yourself

"It's Your Turn Ladies"

Stimulating touch is a gift women, but we don't do it enough to ourselves. The first sexual partner we should have is ourselves.  Masturbation is a great way to introduce yourself to's important to learn and know what makes you body tick.  Masturbation gives you the opportunity to explore and develop your sexual fantasies and try new things with your body.  One of the most important thing when it comes to masturbation is self knowledge, this is the key to sexual health, well being and pleasure.  Because as women we always think of our partners but we have to started thinking about our own happiness through sex.

What you need to started doing to get to know yourself through sex is set a masturbation date with yourself and stick to it no matter what come up or happens doing that day.  You may be afraid at first but the more you spend time with yourself the more you'll learn about what you need and what makes you happy when it comes to loving yourself through sex.  You need to pick a time and a safe and comfortable space to masturbation.  And remember don't be shame or embarrassed this will totally increase you sexual confidence.  When you learn how and what it takes to please yourself you'll have no issues letting your partner know what you need from them.  When you give yourself permission to love yourself first it'll be easy to let someone else love you...  Please believe me when I say sex can always be a pleasurable thing if you know what makes you happy first.  This is a challenge learn to love yourself first then you'll have know problems loving others... Until our next session...  


Monday, August 5, 2013


Relationships Come and Go!!!

There's a saying "Relationships or people come into your life for a reason,"  you have to figure out why their there...  I've learned from everyone of my Relationships and I'm thankful for each and everyone of the experiences I've had.  Yes, there are some Relationships I could have done without but I wouldn't be the person I am with out all my Relationship experiences.  And, as women we can find ourselves in Relationships when it's way pass the time to give them up or let them go.  As women we need to learn that their are Relationship we need in our lives and their are those Relationships that we must let go of.  If you're in a Relationship that doesn't add to your life in anyway this is one of those Relationship you need to let go of.  In saying this you must be able to define every Relationship you have in some form or fashion before you get push someone out of your life.  Don't make the mistake of pushing the individuals out of your life that challenge you to be better they are the ones you need to keep.  Take it from me Relationships are very important in your growth in life and we as women need them because we are emotional beings.  So, in all your Relationships give major time to the major Relationships and give minor time to the minor Relationship and know that there's some Relationships you just need to let go of...


Friday, August 2, 2013

Coming Soon!!! Lollipop Blow Job

Giving a Mind Blowing "Blow Job"

The Lollipop Blow Job

Lollipop Blow Job Testimonial:
S.B.C has uncovered and nailed the secret to giving a mind blowing blow job.  She coaches you step by step in a non threatening manner so that you can achieve success. Her techniques are precise, stimulating, and sexy. And once my partner received this blow job he stated that in his 50 years on earth he had never experienced a blow job like that.  We both are thankful for my lessons in the act of learning the Lollipop Blow Job.  So ladies grab your lollipop and get ready to send your man to the moon!  

Thank You,

Gratefully Happy 

Note to All Readers:

This is a testimony from one of my clients.  She was unsure that she could truly give a mind blowing blow job until she came to S.B.C. for some expert help.  Now, she's happy and so is her partner.  For more information on the "Lollipop Blow Job" you can contact me by just comment at the bottom or you can contact me at and I'll surely get back in touch with.


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Your Most Valuable Asset Ladies

"Why You Shouldn't Give Away Your Most Valuable Your to Quickly Asset "

"Is He Your True Prince Charming"
  • Patience is a virtue very few men possess these days.  So, if a man is willing to wait that's a man with outstanding character... 
  • It weeds out all of the men that are just trying to use you for sex...
  • It gives the man a chance to learn who you are and he will give you the respect you deserve...
  • By not having sex with a man to quickly you set a standard for where the relationship is going...
  • If you want a man to respect you and your standards then you have to respect them first so "NO" sex until you're both totally committed...


Monday, July 29, 2013

The Naked Truth: Getting Your Groove Back

The Naked Truth: Getting Your Groove Back: "The Cure for a Broken Heart" It's best to move on now and allow yourself to go through the healing process, rather th...

Getting Your Groove Back

"The Cure for a Broken Heart"

It's best to move on now and allow yourself to go through the healing process, rather than repeating the same painful emotional roller coaster... 

One of the Most Important Tips for Getting Over Heart Break

You have to get distracted...How do you move on?  Occupy your mind with something else like going out with your friends, walk the dog, going to the gym or just going on a date. The feelings are still there and they really "HURT" but at some point you have to change the path of your pain.  You're just distracting yourself and redirecting your thoughts eventually the pain will go away and you will be able to move pass the pain.   At this point you've learn how to control your emotions and now you can think clearly about everything that has happen to you. This establish that you can walk away from any man at anytime know matter what the situation is... The one thing you don't want to do is shut you emotions down because when the right comes along you may not be able to identify him because you're in an emotion coma...

Ladies, this is a question you need to ask yourself and you need to truly think about the answer to this question:  Who's running the show here your emotions or you?  


Getting Out Of the Bedroom!!!

The New Topic to Started this Year off Correctly is LIFE & LOVE....

It's easy to fall into a RUT when it comes to your sexy life, but you can always make a change if you realize that a change needs to be made. Sometimes when you take your sexual actives outside of your bedroom and into other parts of your home you can change the way your feel about the sex in your love life. So, let talk about your sex life and how we can make it better for you and you partner...

The FIRST step to changing the RUT in your sex life is to look at what the issues are...
Such As...

1. Been honest with yourself about what you do and don't do about you sexual actives in your relationship...

2. Then setting up a plan/goal on ways to change what's going on in your sex life...( this will take both individuals in order for it to work) this is a task for two not one..

Now, these two things will get you started on your way to having the best sex a couple could ever's not what I think it's what I know..


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Weekend Challenge

"An Evening full of ROMANCE"

Ladies it's time for you to pump up your romance game!!!  This weekend take the time to make your sex life even better.  Pick one night and plan a evening of romantic surprises for your partner with sexy lingerie, high heels, strawberries, whip cream and chocolate this is the recipe for a great romantic evening with the one you love.  Now you're letting your partner know that all week long you've been thinking about them.  If you want a change in your bedroom you'll have to change the things you're been doing in the bedroom.  If you forget about the romance in your relationship this is a perfect recipe to fire it up.  Make this your weekend for great sexlove and romance.  I've given you the recipe now you've got to go for what you know because this is a sure thing...


Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Naked Truth: Getting Out Of the Bedroom!!!

The Naked Truth: Getting Out Of the Bedroom!!!: The New Topic to Started this Year off Correctly is LIFE & LOVE.... It's easy to fall into a RUT when it comes to your sexy life...

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Quote for the Weekend

"Find Yourself Ladies"

Every woman has a little Chanel elegance in them so now all of you have to find it.  It doesn't take much to be a shine in a crowd but it takes a lot of afford to be the elegant lady in the crowd...  So, ladies find your elegance because it's there.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Do You Know Your Love Language

"What's Your Love Language?" 

I was reading a book about what's your Love Language and I thought I would ask all of you "Do You Know Your Love Language?"

  1. WORDS OF AFFIRMATION:  This individual needs to be told words that lifts up there mood and self esteem.  So if you're in a relationship with or if you're this type of individual you have to make sure that you let your partner know how important words are to you, because they need to hear these things from you.  For this individual they need to be compliment on how great there outfit look, how much you appreciate them, etc.
  2. QUALITY TIME:  This individual needs there partner to spend time with them and them alone.  For this individaul you need to plan special outing such as initmate dinners, movies night for two, pinic in the park, etc. this tell the individual that they are loved and cared for at all time.
  3. RECEIVING GIFTS:  This is a individual who you have to show your feelings to by purchasing and giving them lots of gifts.  They love holidays, birthdays, parties, special notes, etc. because they know that they will be receiving gifts from individuals.  
  4. ACTS OF SERVICE:  This individual likes to have others do things for them such as paying the bills, picking up clutter around the house, cutting the grass, fixing things that have been broken, etc. if you want to make this individual really happy then service them and you will truly see a change in them individual.
  5. PHYSICAL TOUCH:  With this individual when you are near them you should always touch there hand or push there hair back off there face, walking up behind them and give them a shoulder massage, when you are eating running your foot up there leg, etc.
 If your love tank is completely empty or very full, whether you know your love language or not always make sure you have identified what your love language is... Whether or not you speak you partners love language it's always great to speak there love language to them when communicating with them because it makes them feel like you truly love them... So today love you partner with there love language...  If you would like to learn more about the love language then read the book called "The 5 Love Languages" by: Gary Chapman


Friday, July 5, 2013


"The TRUTH Please"

Sometimes you have to know when it's time to move on... LOVE, RESPECT, TRUST and COMMUNICATION are the most important thing in a relationship.  If you don't have these things you don't have a relationship.  This is when you need to be adult enough to tell the other person it's really not working for you.  People stop the madness and put on your BIG girl or boy panties or briefs and move on with your life.  Stop giving false hope to someone that you know you don't really want to be with.  There's nothing more hurtful than waiting on someone who isn't coming back and doesn't have the guts to tell you that they aren't that into you.  Life is to short to be unhappy and alone with someone you think wants to be with you... There's someone for everyone most of the time you just have to wait and when the time is right they will come in the package you want with all the desires of your heart.  But, while you're waiting started working on yourself so you can identify what is for you and who is for you. Don't waste major time on minor people and don't give minor people quality time... BE SAFE, BE HAPPY and LIVE LIFE to the fullest!!! You only get one shot at IT (life)...

PS:  Always work to be the best YOU there is because know one can do you better than YOU!!! 


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bedroom Secrets

is Your teacher..

For women, Masturbation generally consists of stimulating the vagina area as well as the clitoris...  To help you with stimulation you can use SEX TOYS such as vibrators, dildos and many other devices to enhance your pleasure...  I learn that you should never be ashamed to explore your SEXY alone before exploring it with someone else. 

There are many reasons why you should masturbate here's just a few...

Boosting your self-esteem
Can help you build a strong relationship
Your have consistent SEX

It's truly safe SEX

You can overcome mental and physical restraints when it comes to having SEX

Masturbation helps you explore your SEXUALITY as a woman or man, which allows you to discover and for fill your sexual needs and desire...  Masturbation helps you develop a strong sex life mentally, physical and emotionally...Listen, in order for you to teach your partner what make your vagina tingle you must first know how YOU make it tingle... So, take you vagina for a ride on the masturbation train and see how it feels...I'll be waiting to hear about your experience... 

Until Tomorrow!!!!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bedroom Secrets


1.  Being face to face at the beginning is best for kissing and quick access to her G-SPOT... 
    Lay your partner on her back with her legs wide open so that you can see what you are 
    working with.

2.  Set the stage with oral SEX stimulation or whatever gets her in the mood to ride the pony... 

3.  When she's warmed up, then slide your forefinger inside her pussy... Continue to stimulate her 
     CLIT with your other hand or you can place her hand on her CLIT and let her do it while you
     please her pussy...

4.  Don't do anything fancy when you started just get a good feel of her pussy walls get her juices
     flowing, and build her SEX level...then add some lucubration with one of your other fingers...

5.  He has to play around until he feels the front walls of her pussy there will be a marble and ridge
     area with his finger.  Then press on it and ask her how it feels once she tells you either continue or
     move your finger around more until she starts to move with passion.  

6.  Started with long strokes in and out while continuing upward with the pressure... 
     long strokes will cover the area and cause her to moan and groan with pleasure once she is 
     in that state of mind you will know that you have hit her G-SPOT...

7.  Remember, if you're touching and started touching the G-SPOT with light pressure it want
     do much for her.  Pressure rather than gentle strokes, works best...

8.  With other kinds of stimulation the key is to build the intensity don't go too hard or too quickly.  
     Make SEX great by talking to your partner and listen to her responses...



Monday, June 24, 2013


The Naked Truth: RESPECT IS EARNED: "Some People Have It and Some People Don't" RESPECT People walk around everyday upset because they don't feel like...


"Some People Have It and Some People Don't"


People walk around everyday upset because they don't feel like others are RESPECTING them, but my question to those individuals is have you earned the RESPECT you think people should give you... I was talking to a friend and she told me that she noticed that even when I walk in a room of people there is a level of RESPECT others give me just because of who I am.  Her question to me was "Why Was That?" my answer was because it's the way I carry myself.  I've always been told that I was an important individual as early as my childhood.  My family always told me and showed me that I should RESPECT myself and that will require that others RESPECT me.  I told her I take notes when I walk in a room...what do I mean by that?  I look over the room and I realize that there are some people I'm going to deal with and others I'm never going to speak with and at that point I RESPECT my decision to only speak with some people in the room.  I'm focusing my time and by doing this I show people I RESPECT myself so I have a confidence that can't be moved.  I don't ask for RESPECT through words I command RESPECT through my actions.  Now does this work for everyone NO it doesn't but I believe when you know who's and who you are there's always a since of RESPECT you'll get just because you know yourself.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Bringing Your Sexy Back" pt.2


FOODS that make your SEX life
much more SEXY

OYSTERS: There's not much I have to say about these SEXY delights.  These slimy and slippery delights are well-known for being an aphrodisiac... When you started eaten oysters
 your SEXY will come out to play...

Strawberries: Strawberries, have help lovers to
"Bring there SEXY Back" into there relationships...
So, tonight do something different and get the

 chocolate & strawberries and make love with an 
open heart and'll feel passion that 
always works...

Almonds: Almonds have been purported to
 increase passion and it can enhance your
 SEXUAL stimulation...

Citrus: Enjoy a romantic salad with tropical fruits
 in it and you'll "Bring Your Sexy Back".
 The juices will follow through your mouth like a
 thrilling ride on the SEX horse... 
Once you started chewing into a this fruit your
 juices started pumping for more....

QUESTION: Ladies and Gentlemen what's your Bedroom Sexy look like? Does you partner smile when you enter the room or do they turn over and go back to sleep? If your not sure of where your SEXY is then stay tuned for a daily dose of SEXY...Remember, if you have a SEXUALLY happy partner then you will  have a COMPLETELY happy LIFE...


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Bringing Your Sexy Back" pt. 1

Why Don't Women Feel Free to Talk About SEX!!!

Let's Look at Some of the Myths and

Misconceptions about "SEX"

Is it because of the way we where reared?

Is it that we've been program to think that SEX is dirty, because of the way television, video's and pornography betray SEX?

Or, is it that when we start speaking about SEX there's know one  willing to listen...

Back in the day our mother's told us about how to
be a good wife and mother but when it came to 
SEX they would say it's dirty and you'll know
 what to do when the time comes. But how
 could we know what to do if know one ever told us
about SEX So we get married and started a 
relationship without ever knowing the ins and outs
of SEX. We don't know how we should feel, if it's 
going to hurt, how to protect ourselves, or even if
we are doing it right and when we ask the question
 "How is your SEX life?" people look at us like we 
have two heads. But what they don't realize is that 
as a women we where never taught the basics of 
SEX. What do I mean by the basics of SEX is 
knowing you own body such as where's your
G-Spot is and how does it work? What's your 
favorite SEXUAL position? Is foreplay something 
you need or not? Does oral SEXUAL play a major 
part in your SEX life or do you even know what 
oral SEX feels like? Do you know how to make 
food a part of your SEXUAL experience? These 
are just a few things you should have been told 
about before you started having SEX. But, as 
women we where told to be quite and let him show 
you what his needs and likes where in the 
bedroom. And, my question is "Why was it 
acceptable for them to tell us as women what they 
wanted but it wasn't acceptable for us to tell them
what we wanted and needed when it came to 
SEX." So, ladies let's started today by telling our 
truth. Say what you want, how you want it, when 
you want it and where you want it (SEX). Because 
when you don't tell your partner what you want 
then you can't say, I'm not getting my needs met in 
the bedroom. Don't be mistaken I understand that 
some of you may not know what you want but if 
you've ever fantasize about any SEXUAL 
experience then that's what you want.

When a man ask you what's your SEXUAL fantasy
 is don't sit and say "I DON"T KNOW" because 
he's opening the door for you to tell him what he 
can do to make you feel like a superstar in the 
bedroom. SEX is no longer taboo it's up front and 
personal so get on the train or horse and ride it 
until all your walls come down. Ladies earlier I 
said live your truth and this is just one way to 
started living your truth. This is for the women 
who want to be loved the right way at all time and 
the woman who wants to learn more so she can do 
more in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, office, 
bathroom and all the other rooms. Be free ladies 
and let's "BRING YOUR SEXY BACK" in and out 
of the bedroom!!!!!

Note to the Ladies:   If you're confused about where your G-Spot is then stay tune because we will talk about it in the upcoming blogs...