Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bedroom Secrets


1.  Being face to face at the beginning is best for kissing and quick access to her G-SPOT... 
    Lay your partner on her back with her legs wide open so that you can see what you are 
    working with.

2.  Set the stage with oral SEX stimulation or whatever gets her in the mood to ride the pony... 

3.  When she's warmed up, then slide your forefinger inside her pussy... Continue to stimulate her 
     CLIT with your other hand or you can place her hand on her CLIT and let her do it while you
     please her pussy...

4.  Don't do anything fancy when you started just get a good feel of her pussy walls get her juices
     flowing, and build her SEX level...then add some lucubration with one of your other fingers...

5.  He has to play around until he feels the front walls of her pussy there will be a marble and ridge
     area with his finger.  Then press on it and ask her how it feels once she tells you either continue or
     move your finger around more until she starts to move with passion.  

6.  Started with long strokes in and out while continuing upward with the pressure... 
     long strokes will cover the area and cause her to moan and groan with pleasure once she is 
     in that state of mind you will know that you have hit her G-SPOT...

7.  Remember, if you're touching and started touching the G-SPOT with light pressure it want
     do much for her.  Pressure rather than gentle strokes, works best...

8.  With other kinds of stimulation the key is to build the intensity don't go too hard or too quickly.  
     Make SEX great by talking to your partner and listen to her responses...



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  1. You didn't play around...you direct real well... Now I have to find my g-spot..it is there some where..