Monday, June 24, 2013


"Some People Have It and Some People Don't"


People walk around everyday upset because they don't feel like others are RESPECTING them, but my question to those individuals is have you earned the RESPECT you think people should give you... I was talking to a friend and she told me that she noticed that even when I walk in a room of people there is a level of RESPECT others give me just because of who I am.  Her question to me was "Why Was That?" my answer was because it's the way I carry myself.  I've always been told that I was an important individual as early as my childhood.  My family always told me and showed me that I should RESPECT myself and that will require that others RESPECT me.  I told her I take notes when I walk in a room...what do I mean by that?  I look over the room and I realize that there are some people I'm going to deal with and others I'm never going to speak with and at that point I RESPECT my decision to only speak with some people in the room.  I'm focusing my time and by doing this I show people I RESPECT myself so I have a confidence that can't be moved.  I don't ask for RESPECT through words I command RESPECT through my actions.  Now does this work for everyone NO it doesn't but I believe when you know who's and who you are there's always a since of RESPECT you'll get just because you know yourself.


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