Monday, July 18, 2011

Style Constant: Study: Women Who Cheat Do More Sexting

Style Constant: Study: Women Who Cheat Do More Sexting: "Sexting has been a hot topic on all our tongues since the infamous 'Weinergate' media fiasco. Much of the debate points to men as being ..."

Study: Women Who Cheat Do More Sexting

Study: Women Who Cheat Do More Sexting

Sexting has been a hot topic on all our tongues since the infamous "Weinergate" media fiasco. Much of the debate points to men as being the usual culprit of such "devious" behavior, but a new study reveals that women may be equally guilty, if not more.

Here's the surprise: married women who already admit to cheating on their spouses are apparently the ones sexting. Diane Kholos Wysocki and Cherly D. Childers, both sociology professors at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, recently released results of a study they conducted on adult visitors of, a popular infidelity community, which asked 68 questions about sexual behavior and internet usage, reports The Huffington Post. Two thirds of the women surveyed admit to sending sexual text messages. Only half of the men surveyed were guilty.

The results of the survey are considered questionable given that it was optional, not random, and based solely on those who are open to infidelity, however, they do offer a chance to discuss a trend that could be emerging among married individuals.

“Cheating is alive and well, and sexting is on the rise,” said Dr. Kholos Wysocki. “But I don’t believe the Internet is causing people to cheat. There seems to be something going on with marriage that’s the bigger social issue. Before, people would just get a divorce. For some reason, people are staying and cheating instead.”

Reliability aside, these results can't be good for marriage, period. Do you think sexting while married is cheating? Could you forgive your spouse.

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Hooking Up with Your Ex: Do or Don't?

This was a great article in Essence Magazine check it out....
Sex With Your Ex: Do or Don't?
When it comes to anything involving an ex, it’s safe to say things can get pretty complicated. Especially when sex is on the table. Sleeping with an ex is a classic guilty pleasure. So often you want to do it, but you don’t always feel good about it afterwards. Let’s face it, being intimate with someone you’re not seeing seriously can equal instant drama. 

We wanted to know what you thought the rules of ex-sex should be so we posed the question to Facebook fans. We asked you to tell us what the dos and don’ts of sleeping with an ex are and an overwhelming 96 percent of those who answered say it’s just a “don’t”. Those few in support offered some rules to follow to keep the drama at bay.

Here’s a look at what you told us:

Those opposed said…

“The right one will come along and I'm patiently waiting but in the mean time I'm doin me!” – Leslie Jones Edwards

“A ex is just that, an ex. My mother always told me when you are done with your ex leave him or her because they don't miss a good thing until it is gone.” – Jeanetta Hughes

“The biggest don't is DON"T DO IT! There's a reason it didn't work and break up sex only makes it more difficult to make the necessary emotional break.” – TIFFTalks

“They're an ex for a reason. In my opinion, there's too many past emotions involved that can add layers of drama. Making that u-turn may cost you more than what you bargained for. It's just unnecessary drama.” – Raquel Garcia

“I think if you keep going backwards you can not move forward. Remember it for what it was worth and move on!” – Anissa Whitby-Daniels

“It doesn't allow you to totally move on and start the healing process. Just say NO!” – Shermone Mitchell

Those for it said…

“Don't do more than you're comfortable with and keep expectations to a minimum.” – Ayanna Robinson

“There is nothing wrong with sexing the ex as long as you know it is just sex.” – Paula Jones

“Sex with an ex is ok if 1. Both of you must not be in a relationship. 2. He must be mentally mature and not up to his old tricks literally. 3. The feelings must be mutual. 4. You must protect yourself and ask him to show you his test results.” – Kimbervic Fuqua

“DO NOT LAY AND CUDDLE! BIG NO NO.” – Marie Stewart Lymon

“The biggest do! Have fun and enjoy the moments of pleasure.” – Markia Wilkinson

“If the sex is good but the ex isn't, its hard to break away!” – Bertina Groves-Williamson

“There is nothing wrong with it as long as both parties can keep it at ‘it's just sex’. The problem arises when one or both see it for more than what it really is.” – Damien Stamps

Are you for or against ex-sex? Would you consider it a guilty pleasure? Can sex ever be “just sex” with someone you have feelings for?

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Looks fade and then what do you HAVE!!!

What if You Didn't have Great Looks?

If you where always being told you where so beautiful and your looks would always get you things or in place other couldn't get or get in.  Then suddenly you lost those beautiful look, What else do you have? Or does your look define your total being.  If this is true then you have missed the true purpose for what you where put on this earth for.  Basically, you've missed your total life goals and dreams....  I believe that it's nice to look good, but it's wonderful to be intelligent, caring, knowledgeable, helpful, etc. these are qualities that don't fade as time goes on.  These qualities are more important then looks they will take you places in life and they will keep you their...

So, tell me is your looks the best thing you have to achieve your dreams and goals in your future?  Let me know what you think about this subject...