Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Emotional Eating

Tips on How to Avoid the Weighty Calories

If you're eating to deal with stress, what you really needis mental distraction anything fun that takes you mind off you worries.  Don't rely on food, call a friend or read a book to get your mind off the issues...

If you're eating to feel better emotionally, here's some good news:  you don't need a lot of comfort food to improve your outlook.  Think quality not quantity....

Beware of food pushers, people who encourage you to try the cookies they baked or have another serving of cake.  Turning them down can be difficult, so if a simple "NO" thanks you "DOESN'T" work, ask to take some home insead where you can decided how much to taste.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

LIFESTYLE CHANGE: Exercise Is Great When Done Correct

LIFESTYLE CHANGE: Exercise Is Great When Done Correct: Tips to Keep You on Exercise Track Set Minimal Goals:  For a week or month, choose a doable number of days to workout and stick...

Monday, April 15, 2013

Exercise Is Great When Done Correct

Tips to Keep You on Exercise Track

  • Set Minimal Goals:  For a week or month, choose a doable number of days to workout and stick to it.... A month will do you a ton of good, and it's really just every other day...

  • Keep a Record:  Writing down each day whether or not you exercised, or keeping an online log of your workouts.  Enlist friends or online workout buddies to share your good with...

  • Beware of Willpower Drains:  Try to schedule workouts for times when your willpower hasn't already been tested...

  • Value Initiation Instead of Endurance:  Is your exiercise day after day, it gradually gets easier to sustain the practice.  Starting a habit is the most difficult part, but the inital frustrations are temporary...

  • Forget Failure:  This will help you see your inevitable mistakes not as deal breakers but as expected rites of passage on the way to reaching your goal...

  • Leverage Your Lifestyle:  Tailoring your workout to an established aspect of your life....  Example:  If you're a dog lover then try going for a run with your dog...

Friday, April 12, 2013

Thank You Cards

The Forgotten Art of Thank You Cards

In this day and time individuals have forgotten the one thing that let's others know how much they apprecate them.  You may ask "What's That?"  It's that little piece of paper called a "Thank You" card or notes.  When someone does something nice or special for you that they really didn't have to...  The first think you should always do is tell them thank you and once you're home in you private space you should sit down and write a thank you note or card to show how much what there actions meant to you.  Every individual wants to know that they are apprecated for there kindness.

  For example if you have an appointment and the person shows up on time and ready to get started.  A thank you note or card is in order.  So, from this point on remember a thank you note or card is a wonderful thing to always DO.....
Have a wonderful day and remember if you let people know that you apprecate them they will apprecate you also....  SMOOOOOOOOCHESSS!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

3 Tips for Better Style

Getting Your Fashion ON!!!!

Upgrade with new Accessories

 " A metallic sandal and bold jewels take these pieces from day to evening.... Mixing jewel tones with stones of the same shade..

Don't be Afraid to Layer

The simplicity of a great coat over a sexy dress or tweed pieces over a georgette top and printed charmeus pants....

Blur the Line Between Your Work and Weekend Clothing

"It's good to own pieces that have a multipurpose approach to them.  It's a very modern way to build your wardrobe....

Hoping these tips help you in growing your style and your wardrobe....SMOOOOOCHESSS!!!! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Oh Baby It Does Matters

Don't Change Now that You have Them

Ladies and Gentlemen when you started a new relationship you put your best foot forward. And, once you are in the relationship you must keep your best foot forward. Don't start something you can't keep up. Ladies and Gents, this means don't start looking crazy in the bedroom now that you're comfortable with your partner now. This means Ladies "No" rollers and sweat pants in the bedroom and Gents "No" wholly underwear and t-shirts because these looks aren't sexy don't command any romance in the bedroom. When you look great you feel great and you'll have an AWERSOME relationship and sex life. Don't take it personal that your partner wants a change in your bedroom take it as a challenge to be your best. Get a grab and Get it on because life is too short to be wasting time on UGLY... SMOOOOOOCHESS!!!!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Organizer: Bedroom Quiz

The Organizer: Bedroom Quiz: This Quiz is to help you find your in sexy Kitten or Tiger...     1.  Do you think that roll playing in the BEDROOM spices up ...

Bedroom Quiz

This Quiz is to help you find your in sexy Kitten or Tiger...

    1.  Do you think that roll playing in the BEDROOM spices up your romance?
          Yes or No
          Why do you feel this way?

     2.  Do you think public SEX is a GOOD thing or a BAD thing?
          Yes or No

          Why did you answer this way?

    3.  What types of FOODs turn you on?

        - FOODS you eat daily....
        - FOODS you happen to look at....
        - FOODS you us doing SEX....

    4. What's type of FETISHES do you have in the BEDROOM?

        (a) Feet            (b) Breast          (c) Butt         (d) smell
        (e) Body Hair   (f) Clothing      (g) Legs        (h) Lips

    5.  What do you think about bondage in the bedroom?  And, what type of bondage are you in?

    6. Dirty Talk:  Does it turn you on?  How dirty is to dirty?

   7.  Are toys a important part of your SEX life?

       (a) What would you do if you came home to your partner using a SEX toy?
       (b) Are you jealous of your partner SEX toys?

   8. What type of SEX turns you on?

       (a) Missionary Style     (b) Doggie Style    (c) Riding the Horse   (d) Side Windewiner
  9. What do you consider as been SEX?
      (a) Oral
      (b) Flat out pentration
      (c) Pentration limited to the V spot or Bootie 
     (d) Mastburation (by both parties)

10. Is Your partner a undercover FREAK in the bedroom?

      And if so what are you doing to bring it out?

11. How important is SEX in your relationship: On a scale of 1-10 with 10 been the highest...What's
      your SEX level?
                                               10 Level of SEX

      * Every couple of Months
      * One time a Month
      * Twice a Month
      * Weekends Only
      * Two times a Week
      * Three times a Week
      * Five times a Week
      * Everyday
      * Twice a Day

Once you finish this quiz leave a comment at the bottom.  We love hear what you're thinking about our blog content... SMOOOOOCHESSSS!!!!!!