Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bedroom Quiz

This Quiz is to help you find your in sexy Kitten or Tiger...

    1.  Do you think that roll playing in the BEDROOM spices up your romance?
          Yes or No
          Why do you feel this way?

     2.  Do you think public SEX is a GOOD thing or a BAD thing?
          Yes or No

          Why did you answer this way?

    3.  What types of FOODs turn you on?

        - FOODS you eat daily....
        - FOODS you happen to look at....
        - FOODS you us doing SEX....

    4. What's type of FETISHES do you have in the BEDROOM?

        (a) Feet            (b) Breast          (c) Butt         (d) smell
        (e) Body Hair   (f) Clothing      (g) Legs        (h) Lips

    5.  What do you think about bondage in the bedroom?  And, what type of bondage are you in?

    6. Dirty Talk:  Does it turn you on?  How dirty is to dirty?

   7.  Are toys a important part of your SEX life?

       (a) What would you do if you came home to your partner using a SEX toy?
       (b) Are you jealous of your partner SEX toys?

   8. What type of SEX turns you on?

       (a) Missionary Style     (b) Doggie Style    (c) Riding the Horse   (d) Side Windewiner
  9. What do you consider as been SEX?
      (a) Oral
      (b) Flat out pentration
      (c) Pentration limited to the V spot or Bootie 
     (d) Mastburation (by both parties)

10. Is Your partner a undercover FREAK in the bedroom?

      And if so what are you doing to bring it out?

11. How important is SEX in your relationship: On a scale of 1-10 with 10 been the highest...What's
      your SEX level?
                                               10 Level of SEX

      * Every couple of Months
      * One time a Month
      * Twice a Month
      * Weekends Only
      * Two times a Week
      * Three times a Week
      * Five times a Week
      * Everyday
      * Twice a Day

Once you finish this quiz leave a comment at the bottom.  We love hear what you're thinking about our blog content... SMOOOOOCHESSSS!!!!!!

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