Friday, June 3, 2011

Sensual Seduction Quiz

1. I like to drizzle chocolate....
    (a) Directly into my mouth from the bottle
    (b) Into my child's milk
    (c) Over premium ice cream for a late nigh treat
    (d) Onto the plate before serving a romantic dessert
    (e) Onto strawberries we eat in bed with our fingers

2. The best lighting for dinner date is....
    (a) Daylight I'll save tons ordering the early bird special
    (b) Compact fluorescent. It's great to be green
    (c) Bright enough so that we can easily read the menu
    (d) Dim enough so that we can fool around in the booth
    (e) Firelight and candles we'll have a gourmet picnic in front of the fireplace and take dessert to the   bedroom

3. At midnight in my bedroom you will likely hear....
    (a) Football on the television
    (b) Snoring or Nothing
    (c) Bats in the air
    (d) Romantic Music
    (e) Sizzling Sexy

4. Ice Cubes are great for....
     (a) Reducing swelling after you hit you leg
     (b) Cooling you tongue after drinking something hot
     (c) Too get the romance started in your bedroom
     (d) Shaking up a signature martini you named after your boo

5. Ladies ONLY: When it's time to undress...
     (a) You talk about how much weight you need to lose
     (b) In the bathroom so your partner doesn't see you
     (c) You catch him looking so you put on a  little show
     (d) You turn off the lights so he can't see you

6. Gents ONLY: I put more bass in my voice to...
      (a) Get the upper hand when she and I argue
      (b) Leaving your partner a sexy phone message
      (c) Call her name so she knows you're ready for love making
      (d) So the dog and kids will listen to you

7. To celebrate a promotion a work I would...
     (a) Buy myself a present
     (b) Take my partner/spouse out to a romantic dinner for two
     (c) Get a massage
     (d) Go home  and make love to your spouse until day break

8. I generally sleep in....
     (a) Sweatpants and a tee shirt
     (b) Sexy Lingerie
     (c) Flannel PJ's
     (d) Birthday Suit

A: Sensual Self-Saboteur
B: Ascetic
C: Pragmatisit:
D: Sensualist

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