Sunday, December 26, 2010

What's a Good Relationship?

Ladies and Gents, a good relationship is one that you work at.  It's one that you are will to give and not always take.  It's when you want to always make sure that your partner is happy and in turn that makes you happy.  A good relationship isn't about being selfish or thinking of your needs all the time.  Most of the time ladies you are the giver in the relationship, but when you have a man that truly love you then you will no longer be the one who is always giving.  He will give you anything and he will do anything to make you happy and that's when you will know that your relationship is a good one.  Also, as women we need to know when to let the man lead and know how to follow.  If you want a relationship that's full of love and kindness know when to stand up and when to submit. 

 And, Gents you have got to started looking at women on an individual bases not as you pass relationship.  Know when you have a good woman and treat her like she is.  Gents, if you have a woman who always make sure that your needs are taken care of that's the one to stick with.  You have to understand that she will always be there for you and you need to let her know you will always be there for her.  All a real woman wants is a man that cares for her and only wants to be with her.
Ladies and Gents, time is precious and you can't get it back so spend your time with the person you plan on spending a lifetime with.

So, a Good Relationship is give and take both parties must be willing to work at it and know that this is worth working on.  What you put in is what you will get out....

TIP: If it's not going towards marriage then what's the purpose in having a relationship. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

For Colored Girls The Movies


 A Picture of True Colored Girls

Kimberly Elise character shows how strong black women is and can be.  When looking at this women acting you would think that this was really going on in her life.  You can tell that she has master her craft and she will be one of the most remembered actresses of our time.  She showed how even as an African American women and mother you have come to the end of your robe you have to still pick yourself up and go on because there's always someone out their you can help.  There's nothing more to say other than she really really did an outstanding job of acting in this movie.

Janet Jackson character was a very strong business woman who's husband was on the down low and didn't think he was gay.  And, she ended up with a disease that she got because he was unfaithful and didn't want to admit what or who he was.  But, I have to say she played her part like a pro and in the movie she showed how much you have to go through know matter how much money you make.  So, many people say marry for love and things will be alright, but that's not always a true statement.  She played her part with class and style I don't think anyone else could have played this role better than she did.  This part was made for her and she really worked it.

Loretta Devine character was the one who had to learn to love herself before she could love someone else.  It took her a minute but she finally got and got rid of the man that didn't mean her know good.  She show how women are romantics at heart, but sometimes they fall for the wrong kind of man and then they take advantage of them.

Phylicia Rashad character was the one who have a lot of wisdom and she knew what needed to be done, but she just did have the guts to do it all.  I would say she was the glue in the end that made sure everything would be alright.

Whoopie was just great and made you truly believe that she was the character.  Nothing more needs to be said.

Everyone of these ladies played there parts well and know one will ever be able to take that from them...

This movies is a must see movie for not just African American Women but all women should see it.  I really think that these ladies really made this movie work.  While watching this movie with friends I cried and rejoiced but most of all I reflected on things I've seen so many women got through.  It doesn't matter if you live in the penthouse or the project there's always issues that can bring women together.   

Tyler Perry really did a wonderful job of picking the actors and actress for the movie.  Well Done Mr. Perry, Well Done!!!  This will be in my video library when it comes out on video....

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tips for Winter Lips

In the cold months, when your lips tend to get extra dry, keep balms accessible.  Stash one in the bathroom, your purse, your gym bag, the car, and an office drawer.  Also recommends applying lip balm every time you wash your face and whenever you feel tempted to lick your lips.  Licking them will only cause further dehydration, so resist the urge. 

Take this tip and use it to the fullest...