Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Your Most Valuable Asset Ladies

"Why You Shouldn't Give Away Your Most Valuable Your to Quickly Asset "

"Is He Your True Prince Charming"
  • Patience is a virtue very few men possess these days.  So, if a man is willing to wait that's a man with outstanding character... 
  • It weeds out all of the men that are just trying to use you for sex...
  • It gives the man a chance to learn who you are and he will give you the respect you deserve...
  • By not having sex with a man to quickly you set a standard for where the relationship is going...
  • If you want a man to respect you and your standards then you have to respect them first so "NO" sex until you're both totally committed...


Monday, July 29, 2013

The Naked Truth: Getting Your Groove Back

The Naked Truth: Getting Your Groove Back: "The Cure for a Broken Heart" It's best to move on now and allow yourself to go through the healing process, rather th...

Getting Your Groove Back

"The Cure for a Broken Heart"

It's best to move on now and allow yourself to go through the healing process, rather than repeating the same painful emotional roller coaster... 

One of the Most Important Tips for Getting Over Heart Break

You have to get distracted...How do you move on?  Occupy your mind with something else like going out with your friends, walk the dog, going to the gym or just going on a date. The feelings are still there and they really "HURT" but at some point you have to change the path of your pain.  You're just distracting yourself and redirecting your thoughts eventually the pain will go away and you will be able to move pass the pain.   At this point you've learn how to control your emotions and now you can think clearly about everything that has happen to you. This establish that you can walk away from any man at anytime know matter what the situation is... The one thing you don't want to do is shut you emotions down because when the right comes along you may not be able to identify him because you're in an emotion coma...

Ladies, this is a question you need to ask yourself and you need to truly think about the answer to this question:  Who's running the show here your emotions or you?  


Getting Out Of the Bedroom!!!

The New Topic to Started this Year off Correctly is LIFE & LOVE....

It's easy to fall into a RUT when it comes to your sexy life, but you can always make a change if you realize that a change needs to be made. Sometimes when you take your sexual actives outside of your bedroom and into other parts of your home you can change the way your feel about the sex in your love life. So, let talk about your sex life and how we can make it better for you and you partner...

The FIRST step to changing the RUT in your sex life is to look at what the issues are...
Such As...

1. Been honest with yourself about what you do and don't do about you sexual actives in your relationship...

2. Then setting up a plan/goal on ways to change what's going on in your sex life...( this will take both individuals in order for it to work) this is a task for two not one..

Now, these two things will get you started on your way to having the best sex a couple could ever's not what I think it's what I know..


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Weekend Challenge

"An Evening full of ROMANCE"

Ladies it's time for you to pump up your romance game!!!  This weekend take the time to make your sex life even better.  Pick one night and plan a evening of romantic surprises for your partner with sexy lingerie, high heels, strawberries, whip cream and chocolate this is the recipe for a great romantic evening with the one you love.  Now you're letting your partner know that all week long you've been thinking about them.  If you want a change in your bedroom you'll have to change the things you're been doing in the bedroom.  If you forget about the romance in your relationship this is a perfect recipe to fire it up.  Make this your weekend for great sexlove and romance.  I've given you the recipe now you've got to go for what you know because this is a sure thing...


Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Naked Truth: Getting Out Of the Bedroom!!!

The Naked Truth: Getting Out Of the Bedroom!!!: The New Topic to Started this Year off Correctly is LIFE & LOVE.... It's easy to fall into a RUT when it comes to your sexy life...

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Quote for the Weekend

"Find Yourself Ladies"

Every woman has a little Chanel elegance in them so now all of you have to find it.  It doesn't take much to be a shine in a crowd but it takes a lot of afford to be the elegant lady in the crowd...  So, ladies find your elegance because it's there.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Do You Know Your Love Language

"What's Your Love Language?" 

I was reading a book about what's your Love Language and I thought I would ask all of you "Do You Know Your Love Language?"

  1. WORDS OF AFFIRMATION:  This individual needs to be told words that lifts up there mood and self esteem.  So if you're in a relationship with or if you're this type of individual you have to make sure that you let your partner know how important words are to you, because they need to hear these things from you.  For this individual they need to be compliment on how great there outfit look, how much you appreciate them, etc.
  2. QUALITY TIME:  This individual needs there partner to spend time with them and them alone.  For this individaul you need to plan special outing such as initmate dinners, movies night for two, pinic in the park, etc. this tell the individual that they are loved and cared for at all time.
  3. RECEIVING GIFTS:  This is a individual who you have to show your feelings to by purchasing and giving them lots of gifts.  They love holidays, birthdays, parties, special notes, etc. because they know that they will be receiving gifts from individuals.  
  4. ACTS OF SERVICE:  This individual likes to have others do things for them such as paying the bills, picking up clutter around the house, cutting the grass, fixing things that have been broken, etc. if you want to make this individual really happy then service them and you will truly see a change in them individual.
  5. PHYSICAL TOUCH:  With this individual when you are near them you should always touch there hand or push there hair back off there face, walking up behind them and give them a shoulder massage, when you are eating running your foot up there leg, etc.
 If your love tank is completely empty or very full, whether you know your love language or not always make sure you have identified what your love language is... Whether or not you speak you partners love language it's always great to speak there love language to them when communicating with them because it makes them feel like you truly love them... So today love you partner with there love language...  If you would like to learn more about the love language then read the book called "The 5 Love Languages" by: Gary Chapman


Friday, July 5, 2013


"The TRUTH Please"

Sometimes you have to know when it's time to move on... LOVE, RESPECT, TRUST and COMMUNICATION are the most important thing in a relationship.  If you don't have these things you don't have a relationship.  This is when you need to be adult enough to tell the other person it's really not working for you.  People stop the madness and put on your BIG girl or boy panties or briefs and move on with your life.  Stop giving false hope to someone that you know you don't really want to be with.  There's nothing more hurtful than waiting on someone who isn't coming back and doesn't have the guts to tell you that they aren't that into you.  Life is to short to be unhappy and alone with someone you think wants to be with you... There's someone for everyone most of the time you just have to wait and when the time is right they will come in the package you want with all the desires of your heart.  But, while you're waiting started working on yourself so you can identify what is for you and who is for you. Don't waste major time on minor people and don't give minor people quality time... BE SAFE, BE HAPPY and LIVE LIFE to the fullest!!! You only get one shot at IT (life)...

PS:  Always work to be the best YOU there is because know one can do you better than YOU!!!