Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Journey: Getting the Encouragement I Need

Today, I awoke to a call from my father. He called just to make sure that my day was started with a laugh. His first question was how are you doing this morning? And, when i told him he didn't say to me that I was going to get through this. No, he asked me did I want to talk about what I was going through. He didn't say it like that but in his own way that's what he said to me. And, he gave me a chance to express the way I was feeling and after I was finished he said to me now what are you going to do for the rest of the day. I said I'm going to church an then I'm going to get something to eat and he say to me then get up an get dress so you can be on time. Not one time did he say it's going to be alright. And, because he let me have my moment I got up and started my day with a feeling of total support and encouragement. What I'm saying is that he knew that all I needed was someone to hear what I was feeling and saying without an opinion. And, all I could think was before my Dad called me my day was going downhill fast, but then the call came in from my Dad an it help me just where I was at. You see if you will open up to the right encouragement you will get everything you need. That's when you have the right encouragement and the right people to encourage you to go just a little bit farther. This is where you will find that God has used someone to help you get through your day of PAIN...

So, I'm now at church listen to God talking to me through a man about how God can use others to encourage you. Thank God for this day because my Heavenly Father and my Natural Father help me change the direction of my day. How awesome is that? God Bless everyone who has taken the time to read my journey to my knew life without my life partner. I truly hope this helps you in some tape of way because it's sure helping me as I write my life journey..

Until next time Smoooooochess!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Organizer: The Journey Day 4

The Organizer: The Journey Day 4: Today, didn't started out as a good day it started out with me feel a little down but it did get better. I woke up thinking it's Saturday I'...

The Journey Day 4

Today, didn't started out as a good day it started out with me feel a little down but it did get better. I woke up thinking it's Saturday I'm going to see if he (my spouse) wants to go to breakfast. Once I turned over an there was know one there I realize that he was gone for good an there was nothing i could say or do. So, I just turn back to my side of the bed an laid in the dark. It wasn't a good feeling to realize that my life partner wasn't there to go to breakfast with me anymore. So, then I lost my taste for everything I didn't want food or drink I just wanted to pull my comforter over my head and cry. But, I didn't I pick myself up and got up to face another day without my partner and I went into the kitchen and fixed me breakfast. It wasn't the breakfast I had planned but it was breakfast never the less and that was the started of my day. It wasn't full of laughter and sugar plum but it was a knew day to work on getting better in my mind, body and spirit.

If you are where I'm at or maybe you are farther along are even just started and you're stuck just do this think about who's life will be changed if you don't get up and make the first step to getting in a better place. You may not know where that person maybe but know this they are out there looking for someone to just say hello or how are you today? I know you may say well that's me right now an it could be true. This is the real of the situation if you can't help someone else how do you think you're going to get help. If you freely give of yourself I can promise you that God will freely give to you whatever it is that you need for the day. I'm a living witness. Everyday my mind is changing on how to live my knew life. I ask the question I'm I doing the right thing today or I'm I messing up royally? Maybe or Maybe not but I still have to live so I keep moving. Is it easy "oh no" but it's getting better one day at a time. Even though I have lost someone so very important I know that I'm still hear and I have to live my life to the fullest know matter what everyone else thinks or say. It wasn't there lost it was mine.

You may say that I'm crazy this is a bunch of bull but its not it's my life. I'm not going to look at the glass half full. Because when you look at it half empty you're only bringing yourself down an that can't be healthy for you in anyway. God has given you a life to live now you have to do one of two things. Live or Die... Which one will you choose today? I choose to "LIVE" does it hurt? "YES" will it always hurt "NO" because when you have the almighty God you can rest in His arms and know everything is going to be alright. And, yes I can promise that everyday all day long. So be BLESSED and be STRONG because this to shall pass.

Until tomorrow Smoooooochesssss!!!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Organizer: The Journey Day 3

The Organizer: The Journey Day 3: While I'm going to started with a question someone asked me yesterday after they read my blog post. The question was "how can you promise th...

The Journey Day 3

While I'm going to started with a question someone asked me yesterday after they read my blog post. The question was "how can you promise that it will get better after you've lost someone or something?" an the best way I could assure her that it would getting better was this.

When my spouse passed away I was there watching everything thing that happened. I watched every stage of his passing and I was listening to every word he spoke. I looked in his eyes an I knew what was happening to both of us. It's now thirty days (today) later an I can say that the day he die I didn't think I would able to go any farther in this life. And, I can honestly say that today I am feeling better. I'm not saying that I don't have bad days because I do but I can say that today isn't as bad as yesterday was are last week was. So, yes I can say it's going to get better because I'm living through the stages of losing someone so very important to me and I can't get it back in the physical but I will always have the joy in my heart and mind. So when I'm feeling like I can't make it another day I hear HIS voice telling me you can do this. And, I get up an started doing something to make my life better and honoring his member. This is again why I can promise that it will get better you just have to take it one day at a time. The saying put one foot in front of the other an soon you will be living your knew life. I truly believe it because i have to practice it everyday now. This statement is what I'm living my knew life by.

People have told me to be strong and sometime I really wonder if they know what they are saying. You can say to someone that has just lost something so important to be strong because usually that person doesn't ever know how to be themselves at that moment. I believe this if you don't know what to say to someone just be quite. Because you aren't helping them you're harding them mentally. I can tell you this a great support team will truly help you get through the very hard days. Because when everyone has gone back to there everyday lives an you are all alone that when the real work starts and thats when your real support shows up (God and your really close friends). This is when you ask yourself "what do I do now?" I've asked myself this question so many time an the answer is always the same LIVE. SO, I'M SAYING TO YOU LIVE LIVE AND AGAIN I SAY LIVE! You have just begin you true journey..

Until tomorrow Smooooooochesss!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Organizer: The Journey of a New Chapter

The Organizer: The Journey of a New Chapter: Today, I wake up thinking what's so special about me. Why did God see fit to wake me up this morning? I don't know why but sense He did I'...

The Journey of a New Chapter

Today, I wake up thinking what's so special about me. Why did God see fit to wake me up this morning? I don't know why but sense He did I'm going to live this day as if it was my last day on earth. Yes, my husband die at the young age of 46 and I've spent the last 23 years with him and they where good years for the most part. So, what do I do now because one door has closed another one has open. I must pick myself up an go on because that is what my husband would tell me to do and that's what God is showing me I should be doing. And. that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to live a full and complete life where I know dream are possible and goals do come true. Why not the only thing that could happen is my life changes for the better.

Know two people are a like so theirs know two people that will ever grieve a like. My grief make me work and live like everyday is my last because you never know when it will be your last day on this earth. Someone else's grief my have locked up in the house crying. Regardless, both of us are grieving in our own way. If you are reading this blog then what I'm saying is for you. Losing someone or something isn't easy but it will get better I promise. Sometimes it may take one person years to get over the lost and it my take another only months or days. It doesn't make either one right or wrong it's the way an individual process there pain. This I know for a fact if you deal with what has happen to you, you can overcome it. This isn't just something I'm saying its something I'm living.

When you look over your life what does it look like to you? Is it the life you planned when you where a little boy or girl? What happen to all those dreams you had planned for yourself? Did you change so much that you forgot all about those dreams and goals you set for yourself? Or, did you take on someone else's dreams and goals? What I've learned in this process of grieving the pass month is that in being someone's spouse I forgot about being me an that should never happen to anyone. Now, I'm getting to know myself again an guess what I like who I was when my husband was alive, but I love who I am now that I'm by myself. It didn't take me long to feel the freedom and pleasure of being with me again. I realize something I was so busy been a wife and mother that i forgot to be me. Thank God for His favor, wisdom and understanding because it has helped me to be free of people and their thoughts on how I should grieve my lost. So, today I'm happy and free living my life like its my own. And I want you to started doing the same.

Hopefully when you read this you will understand yes I lost something very special an yet I'm still here (You could have lost your spouse, family member, job, house, car, etc. this journey can apply to them all). Please, take this nugget for today an work on it "get up and take a shower and walk outside an smell the fresh air you are going to make it through this trail. It can only defeat you if you let it.

My CHALLENGE to you today is: Change how you are looking at the situation and think of something positive that has come out of this lost.

Until next time remember today be the best you, you can be... Smoooochess!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Organizer: This Life is my Life to Live

The Organizer: This Life is my Life to Live: I'm sitting in the chair thinking about life an how so many people never experience the fullness of being alive. When you have a life chang...

This Life is my Life to Live

I'm sitting in the chair thinking about life an how so many people never experience the fullness of being alive. When you have a life changing event happen in your life it can change what you think is important. For me it's family, friends and a wonderful relationship filled with love and happiness. I believe everyone has the right to be totally happy with themselves first and then with the people they bring into there circle of life. Ask yourself this question, "I'm I living the best life I can or I'm I just living others would have me live?" Which ever way you answer this question the answer will show you where you are and it will be up to you to make a change or stay in the place you are at. You can live a life free of others opinions an just live for yourself it's your choose. I have come to a place in my life where I need to live for me and not for others around me.

I've always made this statement, ""if life gives you lemons make lemonade but what if life is giving you lemonade?" What do you do with that? Now I know you pour a glass drink it an live the life you are mint to live. I've been blessed to live a life that most people wish they could and I've also lived a life that most could never understand but now I'm going to live a life taylor made just for me and that's the one God has always wanted me to live. It's going to be a journey and I hope you guys will join me on this journey of discovery. It will be full of happiness, advantage, love, tears of joy, travel and so much more. So, come an watch how my life will change in the next year an while my life journey is changing I hope yours will change also.


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