Friday, September 28, 2012

The Journey Day 3

While I'm going to started with a question someone asked me yesterday after they read my blog post. The question was "how can you promise that it will get better after you've lost someone or something?" an the best way I could assure her that it would getting better was this.

When my spouse passed away I was there watching everything thing that happened. I watched every stage of his passing and I was listening to every word he spoke. I looked in his eyes an I knew what was happening to both of us. It's now thirty days (today) later an I can say that the day he die I didn't think I would able to go any farther in this life. And, I can honestly say that today I am feeling better. I'm not saying that I don't have bad days because I do but I can say that today isn't as bad as yesterday was are last week was. So, yes I can say it's going to get better because I'm living through the stages of losing someone so very important to me and I can't get it back in the physical but I will always have the joy in my heart and mind. So when I'm feeling like I can't make it another day I hear HIS voice telling me you can do this. And, I get up an started doing something to make my life better and honoring his member. This is again why I can promise that it will get better you just have to take it one day at a time. The saying put one foot in front of the other an soon you will be living your knew life. I truly believe it because i have to practice it everyday now. This statement is what I'm living my knew life by.

People have told me to be strong and sometime I really wonder if they know what they are saying. You can say to someone that has just lost something so important to be strong because usually that person doesn't ever know how to be themselves at that moment. I believe this if you don't know what to say to someone just be quite. Because you aren't helping them you're harding them mentally. I can tell you this a great support team will truly help you get through the very hard days. Because when everyone has gone back to there everyday lives an you are all alone that when the real work starts and thats when your real support shows up (God and your really close friends). This is when you ask yourself "what do I do now?" I've asked myself this question so many time an the answer is always the same LIVE. SO, I'M SAYING TO YOU LIVE LIVE AND AGAIN I SAY LIVE! You have just begin you true journey..

Until tomorrow Smooooooochesss!!!

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