Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Journey of a New Chapter

Today, I wake up thinking what's so special about me. Why did God see fit to wake me up this morning? I don't know why but sense He did I'm going to live this day as if it was my last day on earth. Yes, my husband die at the young age of 46 and I've spent the last 23 years with him and they where good years for the most part. So, what do I do now because one door has closed another one has open. I must pick myself up an go on because that is what my husband would tell me to do and that's what God is showing me I should be doing. And. that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to live a full and complete life where I know dream are possible and goals do come true. Why not the only thing that could happen is my life changes for the better.

Know two people are a like so theirs know two people that will ever grieve a like. My grief make me work and live like everyday is my last because you never know when it will be your last day on this earth. Someone else's grief my have locked up in the house crying. Regardless, both of us are grieving in our own way. If you are reading this blog then what I'm saying is for you. Losing someone or something isn't easy but it will get better I promise. Sometimes it may take one person years to get over the lost and it my take another only months or days. It doesn't make either one right or wrong it's the way an individual process there pain. This I know for a fact if you deal with what has happen to you, you can overcome it. This isn't just something I'm saying its something I'm living.

When you look over your life what does it look like to you? Is it the life you planned when you where a little boy or girl? What happen to all those dreams you had planned for yourself? Did you change so much that you forgot all about those dreams and goals you set for yourself? Or, did you take on someone else's dreams and goals? What I've learned in this process of grieving the pass month is that in being someone's spouse I forgot about being me an that should never happen to anyone. Now, I'm getting to know myself again an guess what I like who I was when my husband was alive, but I love who I am now that I'm by myself. It didn't take me long to feel the freedom and pleasure of being with me again. I realize something I was so busy been a wife and mother that i forgot to be me. Thank God for His favor, wisdom and understanding because it has helped me to be free of people and their thoughts on how I should grieve my lost. So, today I'm happy and free living my life like its my own. And I want you to started doing the same.

Hopefully when you read this you will understand yes I lost something very special an yet I'm still here (You could have lost your spouse, family member, job, house, car, etc. this journey can apply to them all). Please, take this nugget for today an work on it "get up and take a shower and walk outside an smell the fresh air you are going to make it through this trail. It can only defeat you if you let it.

My CHALLENGE to you today is: Change how you are looking at the situation and think of something positive that has come out of this lost.

Until next time remember today be the best you, you can be... Smoooochess!!

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