Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Journey Day 4

Today, didn't started out as a good day it started out with me feel a little down but it did get better. I woke up thinking it's Saturday I'm going to see if he (my spouse) wants to go to breakfast. Once I turned over an there was know one there I realize that he was gone for good an there was nothing i could say or do. So, I just turn back to my side of the bed an laid in the dark. It wasn't a good feeling to realize that my life partner wasn't there to go to breakfast with me anymore. So, then I lost my taste for everything I didn't want food or drink I just wanted to pull my comforter over my head and cry. But, I didn't I pick myself up and got up to face another day without my partner and I went into the kitchen and fixed me breakfast. It wasn't the breakfast I had planned but it was breakfast never the less and that was the started of my day. It wasn't full of laughter and sugar plum but it was a knew day to work on getting better in my mind, body and spirit.

If you are where I'm at or maybe you are farther along are even just started and you're stuck just do this think about who's life will be changed if you don't get up and make the first step to getting in a better place. You may not know where that person maybe but know this they are out there looking for someone to just say hello or how are you today? I know you may say well that's me right now an it could be true. This is the real of the situation if you can't help someone else how do you think you're going to get help. If you freely give of yourself I can promise you that God will freely give to you whatever it is that you need for the day. I'm a living witness. Everyday my mind is changing on how to live my knew life. I ask the question I'm I doing the right thing today or I'm I messing up royally? Maybe or Maybe not but I still have to live so I keep moving. Is it easy "oh no" but it's getting better one day at a time. Even though I have lost someone so very important I know that I'm still hear and I have to live my life to the fullest know matter what everyone else thinks or say. It wasn't there lost it was mine.

You may say that I'm crazy this is a bunch of bull but its not it's my life. I'm not going to look at the glass half full. Because when you look at it half empty you're only bringing yourself down an that can't be healthy for you in anyway. God has given you a life to live now you have to do one of two things. Live or Die... Which one will you choose today? I choose to "LIVE" does it hurt? "YES" will it always hurt "NO" because when you have the almighty God you can rest in His arms and know everything is going to be alright. And, yes I can promise that everyday all day long. So be BLESSED and be STRONG because this to shall pass.

Until tomorrow Smoooooochesssss!!!!

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