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Thursday, August 13, 2015

LOVE is worth the FIGHT!!!

It's always my pleasure to write this blog
because to deals with real life and real issues
In today's world people forget to be selfless it all about what they have and what they want but what you need to remember is if you get everything you want and have all you desire and have no one to share it with, "what have you really got?"  We are human beings an what that means is that we're meant to have a partner/mate in our lives.  Love isn't easy but it's always worth it if your in Love the the right person.  Know that in this life nothing is easy but if it's Love it's always worth fighting for.  You may think that you're to good to fight or even make ass out of yourself for someone you Love  but the truth is it's when you make an ass out to yourself that the other person knows how much you Love them.  My thought is this you make an ass out of yourself for everything else in your life your job, business, kids, family, friends, etc. so why not the individual you say you Love so very much.    You see Love is and isn't a choose an if you're going to ever have it and keep it you must take the risk or chance on getting a few bruises but in the end you will be just fine because you have the one you truly Love.  Ask yourself this question, "Is having the person you Love worth being a little uncomfortable at time?"  Be very honest with yourself because know one wants to be alone forever.  Take your time to figure out if you've allowed others to make your Love choices and if so... why? Do they know you better than you know yourself?  Can they make you happy when you're alone?  Are they given up the Love of their life for you?  Or they with their Love and your home alone?  Think hard about these questions because they will give you answers you may not want to realize.  

Sometime you see individuals an say to yourself or maybe even someone else they don't match or she's with him for the money or he's with her for sexy but what you don't understand or know is that their together because of the Love they feel and have for one another.  And, that's stronger than physical thing or material thing.  Yes, you have individuals who are together for those reason but they don't usually last very long because sooner or later one of the individuals will always want more out of the relationship.  I've been on this earth for a little bit and I've learn that if you don't have Love you don't really have anything.  You were made to Love and be Loved so don't try to stop what really comes natural to you and every other individual.  We are build from Love so why it that we think we shouldn't want to be Loved.  You see people need to realize that it's okay to Love someone so much that you will do anything to make them happy and bring them joy because they do the same for you. When it comes to your relationship you must remember it's you and that person you're in the relationship with an that's it outside individual don't really matter because they don't know what you have with your partner/mate...  We all must remember that "relationships is hard work but it's always worth doing and worth working for" with the right individual.  I know individuals that have spent their whole life looking for the right person to Love and haven't found it yet an what they don't get is that Love has come to them but they weren't will to do the work to have Love and that's so very sad.  You maybe passing Love by because it made you a little uncomfortable when it doesn't look like what you thought it should or would.  While what you need to know is it's not always about getting your way it's about give and take what that means is sometime you have to give more than your get and take more than you want to sometimes.  Remember, your mate does the same thing with you also you just don't realize it because you maybe in your feelings about something that's going on between the two of you.  As I said before I've been around for a little bit and I've seen a lot of things but the one thing I know for sure is that without Love in your life you will always have a whole in it and you will spend more time trying to full it with empty things that don't matter at all.  Again, it's not always easy but Love is always worth it and you must remember why you wanted to be with an individual in order to keep it together.  We all get really busy with our life situation but we must never forget about our Lover, friend, partner, mate, etc. because at the end of the day being alone isn't all it's cracked up to be.  When you've had true Love and you know what it is you'll always want more of it.  Love can give you a high that no drug or substance could ever fill and to think all you have to do is open your heart to what's in front of you.  Because I can promise you this when they aren't there anymore you'll be left wondering why there gone and it's because you forgot the most important thing in your life.  I get it Loving someone else may not be easy but if it was easy then everyone would be doing it... when Love comes your remember not to hold back and give it all you've got take the risk because surely it's worth the chance.  You may just find yourself happier than you've ever been and that's always worth the risk.   Loving another individual isn't easy because you both are different but because you're different you can see life it such a beautiful way and that's through one another eyes.  Remember a Love worth having is a Love worth fighting for...