Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Journey: Getting the Encouragement I Need

Today, I awoke to a call from my father. He called just to make sure that my day was started with a laugh. His first question was how are you doing this morning? And, when i told him he didn't say to me that I was going to get through this. No, he asked me did I want to talk about what I was going through. He didn't say it like that but in his own way that's what he said to me. And, he gave me a chance to express the way I was feeling and after I was finished he said to me now what are you going to do for the rest of the day. I said I'm going to church an then I'm going to get something to eat and he say to me then get up an get dress so you can be on time. Not one time did he say it's going to be alright. And, because he let me have my moment I got up and started my day with a feeling of total support and encouragement. What I'm saying is that he knew that all I needed was someone to hear what I was feeling and saying without an opinion. And, all I could think was before my Dad called me my day was going downhill fast, but then the call came in from my Dad an it help me just where I was at. You see if you will open up to the right encouragement you will get everything you need. That's when you have the right encouragement and the right people to encourage you to go just a little bit farther. This is where you will find that God has used someone to help you get through your day of PAIN...

So, I'm now at church listen to God talking to me through a man about how God can use others to encourage you. Thank God for this day because my Heavenly Father and my Natural Father help me change the direction of my day. How awesome is that? God Bless everyone who has taken the time to read my journey to my knew life without my life partner. I truly hope this helps you in some tape of way because it's sure helping me as I write my life journey..

Until next time Smoooooochess!!!

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