Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jewelry Wardrobe

"How To Add Some Shine and Know Which Pieces Suit You Best"
  • Avoid Matchy-Matchy:  Yes you want your pieces to complement each other and be of the same mood and level of formality.  But combining is now more of a personal statement and less about following the law of similar.
  • Make a Single Statement:  In general the more sparkle in your clothes, the less you need in your jewelry.  One outsize piece is often enough, and you should always watch the proximity of big or bold pieces.  Chandeliers and a cuff bracelet can work together, but chandeliers with a chunky necklace are too much, too close.

  • Consider the Shape of Your Face:  If your face is round, then round earrings (especially large ones that sit on the lobe) will only make cheeks look more full.  Instead, choose a dangling or drop earring.  Square faces look best with small, oval or oblong earrings; oval faces can wear just about any earring.
  • Make Your Necklace Work for Your Neck:  Long styles (chains, lariats, etc.) flatter those with short necks, broad shoulders or short torsos, whereas chokers are best for longer necks.
  • Find a Ring That Flatters Your Fingers:  The shape of a stone will determine how it looks on your hand, if you're conscious of your fingers being stubby, marquis shapes or ovals give the illusion of length and slenderness.

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