Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What Would You Do If Your Spouse Said They Where Gay?


Okay, this is the situation and once I finish telling you the story please let me know how you feel or what you would do if this was you and your husband. 

I was reading a blog of a pass employer and he announced to his wife of seventeen years and there seven kids that he was gay.  He said when they first met he knew that he had these feelings and he told her what he was feeling.  When he told her she told him that there was nothing that would change the way she felt about him.  The next day he went and purchased a ring and asked her to marry him and you said yes and they got  married.  Even with this secret hanging over there heads they decided to continue on with there lives.  Now, after all these years he decides to come out of the close and live his life as a gay man.  

Now, my question is if you where in this situation "what would you do if your husband came home and told you this?"  I think this is a great subject and I can't wait to hear what you think about this situation..
"Would you stay with your husband, wife or partner if they told you they wanted to live as a gay person after 17 years?"

This isn't put down being gay this is all about how this situation went.  So, please don't think I'm talking bad about gay people...

Let me know what you think.......


  1. I would have to seek counseling.

  2. He was upfront and honest with her from the beginning so she really couldnt be upset with anyone but herself.