Sunday, June 12, 2011


"What does it mean to have a true Friendship?"

I was sitting having lunch with a couple of my girlfriends and I posted the question to them "What is true Friendship?" and each one of them had a view on the question...  One of them said that you can only have a few true friends because if you have a lot then those aren't truly true friends.  And what she meant was that you have all types of friends but you only have a couple of true friends.  Those are the ones you tell everything and you don't hold anything back.  They know the good, bad, and ugly about you and you're still friends.  

My other girlfriend put it like this when you are true friends you can go through arguments and disagreements that are truly bad and you will still come out friends.  Those are the friends who are in your inner circle no matter what comes up in life you will always be friends. 

In my opinion true friendship is being able to go through the ups and the downs whether problems about your family members or disagreements with either other and still say that's my friend and I will always have her back.  This is truly a friendship worth having and I thank God I have a few of those kind of friendships now.  This is a pic of me and my two of my true girlfriends.......

Tell me what you think true friendship is all about...I look forward to everyones comments....

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