Monday, June 20, 2011

Relaxed vs. Natural Hair

Women are talking about it, tweeting about it, blogging about it. Frankly, I'm beginning to feel a that I missed the boat.  I spoke with a few friends about their new transitions to natural hair and they all rave about how great they now feel about their hair and they want me to started going though the change from Relaxed Hair to Natural Hair.  

One of my girlfriend goes to the salon every week to get the treatment that makes her hair look like she has a relaxer, but she doesn't which makes me think that you can have both the look of relaxed hair and really it's natural.  This look is great for her because her hair looks so very healthy and it has grown so much.  She is truly happy with her look and I think it's great.... 

Then I have another girlfriend that is natural at all times and  she keeps her hair  loose and it also looks great on her.  Because she knows how to keep her hair together she always looks like she just walked out of a salon.

I'm more of the relaxed kind of girl and at this point it works for me because I don't have the courage at this time to go from relaxed to natural.  Maybe one day I will but until then I will just be the girlfriend with relaxed hair.  And let my wonderful girlfriends do the natural thing.

Tell me what you think about the difference between relaxed and natural hair?  Which side of the coin are you on? Let me know because I love talking with individuals who love talking about hair, makeup, and fashion....

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