Monday, April 8, 2013

Oh Baby It Does Matters

Don't Change Now that You have Them

Ladies and Gentlemen when you started a new relationship you put your best foot forward. And, once you are in the relationship you must keep your best foot forward. Don't start something you can't keep up. Ladies and Gents, this means don't start looking crazy in the bedroom now that you're comfortable with your partner now. This means Ladies "No" rollers and sweat pants in the bedroom and Gents "No" wholly underwear and t-shirts because these looks aren't sexy don't command any romance in the bedroom. When you look great you feel great and you'll have an AWERSOME relationship and sex life. Don't take it personal that your partner wants a change in your bedroom take it as a challenge to be your best. Get a grab and Get it on because life is too short to be wasting time on UGLY... SMOOOOOOCHESS!!!!!

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