Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Bringing Your Sexy Back" pt. 1

Why Don't Women Feel Free to Talk About SEX!!!

Let's Look at Some of the Myths and

Misconceptions about "SEX"

Is it because of the way we where reared?

Is it that we've been program to think that SEX is dirty, because of the way television, video's and pornography betray SEX?

Or, is it that when we start speaking about SEX there's know one  willing to listen...

Back in the day our mother's told us about how to
be a good wife and mother but when it came to 
SEX they would say it's dirty and you'll know
 what to do when the time comes. But how
 could we know what to do if know one ever told us
about SEX So we get married and started a 
relationship without ever knowing the ins and outs
of SEX. We don't know how we should feel, if it's 
going to hurt, how to protect ourselves, or even if
we are doing it right and when we ask the question
 "How is your SEX life?" people look at us like we 
have two heads. But what they don't realize is that 
as a women we where never taught the basics of 
SEX. What do I mean by the basics of SEX is 
knowing you own body such as where's your
G-Spot is and how does it work? What's your 
favorite SEXUAL position? Is foreplay something 
you need or not? Does oral SEXUAL play a major 
part in your SEX life or do you even know what 
oral SEX feels like? Do you know how to make 
food a part of your SEXUAL experience? These 
are just a few things you should have been told 
about before you started having SEX. But, as 
women we where told to be quite and let him show 
you what his needs and likes where in the 
bedroom. And, my question is "Why was it 
acceptable for them to tell us as women what they 
wanted but it wasn't acceptable for us to tell them
what we wanted and needed when it came to 
SEX." So, ladies let's started today by telling our 
truth. Say what you want, how you want it, when 
you want it and where you want it (SEX). Because 
when you don't tell your partner what you want 
then you can't say, I'm not getting my needs met in 
the bedroom. Don't be mistaken I understand that 
some of you may not know what you want but if 
you've ever fantasize about any SEXUAL 
experience then that's what you want.

When a man ask you what's your SEXUAL fantasy
 is don't sit and say "I DON"T KNOW" because 
he's opening the door for you to tell him what he 
can do to make you feel like a superstar in the 
bedroom. SEX is no longer taboo it's up front and 
personal so get on the train or horse and ride it 
until all your walls come down. Ladies earlier I 
said live your truth and this is just one way to 
started living your truth. This is for the women 
who want to be loved the right way at all time and 
the woman who wants to learn more so she can do 
more in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, office, 
bathroom and all the other rooms. Be free ladies 
and let's "BRING YOUR SEXY BACK" in and out 
of the bedroom!!!!!

Note to the Ladies:   If you're confused about where your G-Spot is then stay tune because we will talk about it in the upcoming blogs...


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