Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Bringing Your Sexy Back" pt.2


FOODS that make your SEX life
much more SEXY

OYSTERS: There's not much I have to say about these SEXY delights.  These slimy and slippery delights are well-known for being an aphrodisiac... When you started eaten oysters
 your SEXY will come out to play...

Strawberries: Strawberries, have help lovers to
"Bring there SEXY Back" into there relationships...
So, tonight do something different and get the

 chocolate & strawberries and make love with an 
open heart and'll feel passion that 
always works...

Almonds: Almonds have been purported to
 increase passion and it can enhance your
 SEXUAL stimulation...

Citrus: Enjoy a romantic salad with tropical fruits
 in it and you'll "Bring Your Sexy Back".
 The juices will follow through your mouth like a
 thrilling ride on the SEX horse... 
Once you started chewing into a this fruit your
 juices started pumping for more....

QUESTION: Ladies and Gentlemen what's your Bedroom Sexy look like? Does you partner smile when you enter the room or do they turn over and go back to sleep? If your not sure of where your SEXY is then stay tuned for a daily dose of SEXY...Remember, if you have a SEXUALLY happy partner then you will  have a COMPLETELY happy LIFE...


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