Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Example of a STRONG WOMAN!!!

As women sometime we forget who we are and what we are... Just in case you have forgotten who you are today I wanted to remind you that you are the most important people on this earth.  You bring forth life to another human being, smart, set a standard for them to follow an they do, you have the heart of God and you love just as God does and at the end of the day you put everyone you love needs before yours.  God made you because he knew you (woman) would always be an example of His love...  So, women of the world don't ever forget who you are and all the things you're capable of doing on this earth.  You hold life in your wound and you hold standards in your heart.  Today, remember what God has always known about you... You're the most precious PEARLS and you where made to be able to withstand all types of pressure no matter what comes your way without fainting.... And, while you're going through the pressures of life you have the SWAG to hold the weight on your shoulders while still looking like everything is great... Women stand up and be proud of everything you do in a day because without you the situations wouldn't things and people would stay the same and never change...

The saying is "Behind every successful man is a GREAT women" when it should be "Because of every GREAT women there's a successful man."   Take your place in the front of the line because that's where you are suppose to be.  If you need an example of a GREAT WOMEN OF STRENGTH HERE!!! SHE IS



S: Stylish, Sociable, Sexy
W: Well-Dressed, Well-Mannered
A: Appealing, Attitude, Alluring
G: Glamours, Gorgeous


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