Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sometimes You Forget What Love Looks LIKE!!!


Is LOVE suppose to be HARD or is it that these days individuals do know how to WORK to guide something so important as LOVE?

When did LOVE become a game for individuals to play with others HEARTS?  I have come to the conclusion that these day individuals want microwave LOVE and that's not LOVE that's just Lust and most individuals don't have any ideal how to LOVE.  LOVE isn't something you do for a few months LOVE it's something you do for a LIFETIME.  I've found that individuals throw the word LOVE around like it's NOT IMPORTANT at all so when they say it to someone it's just another word in their vocabulary with NO meaning.  They say the word LOVE  just like they say the word "it" again it's a word that really doesn't have any meaning in there mind or HEART.  It's a way to get another individual to do what they want them to do and act the way they want them to act.  I've always been told when you say to someone that you LOVE them mean it or don't say it because LOVE is one of the most important words in the English language and it means more than any jewels, cars, homes, clothes you could ever purchase.  So, for me LOVE is so IMPORTANT that I don't waste it on just anyone.  I've learned that everyone doesn't see LOVE like I do...but for those of you that do don't ever give up on LOVE because it's WORTH having with the RIGHT individual.  

So, I guess the answer to my question is LOVE is worth WORKING on and for... LOVE is always thinking of your PARTNER first, making sure he/she always has ALL of YOU, when you're apart you can't wait to be with them again...LOVE is giving your HEART to someone without HESITATION and known that they are WORTH it even when they think there NOT...  LOVE is missing that INDIVIDUAL so much that when you SEE them your HEART dances in your CHEST.  It makes you feel like a CHILD when you're with them and you FEEL so ALONE when you're not with them.  This is real LOVE and if you have it do whatever it takes to KEEP it because at the END OF THE DAY LOVE is always WORTH it!!!


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