Monday, October 21, 2013


Freely Given LOVE Freely Reserve LOVE 

I was speaking with a couple of individuals this week about "what LOVE really means" and everyone had a different answer for me which let me know that people don't really know what LOVE is.  People think LOVE is the way someone looks, speak, dress, acts or even how they have sex.  But the truth is none of these things are LOVE these things are just by products of LOVE.  Because if you truly LOVE someone you want to speak correctly, dress well, act or be your best you, and you'll always look you best for them so you see those things aren't LOVE there just the perks of LOVE...

Everyone we live life without LIMITS but they LIMIT how they LOVE one another in our relationships (family, friendships, and romantic relationship).  We want people to LOVE us but we aren't willing to give the LOVE we continually ask others for.  We say to someone you're not loving me the way I need to be LOVE yet you don't even understand what the true meaning of LOVE is.  You can't ask someone to give you something you don't know the meaning of and something you can't freely give in return.  When you ask someone to LOVE you with know LIMITS you must be willing to LOVE that person with no LIMITS at all.  This means opening your HEART and MIND to maybe getting disappointed in your relationship but at the end of the day you will truly be working towards building a LOVING romantic relationship. You must remember that people are human and this mean everything will never be perfect but if you are willing to work hard on LOVE in a relationship then that LIMITLESSNESS will come freely to you, because the other person knows that you are in the relationship know matter what comes up.  So if you want LOVE you must really think about how willing you are to give away the one thing that you whole dear and that's your HEART you can't keep playing the ME game you've got to learn how to live the US life.  

If you look up the word LOVE you will find many different definition for it but when you really find it and you know the you have it don't let any of your selfish thinking keep you from having it.  Life is to short to live without the one thing that God has given to us so freely LOVE.  Today make your mind up and go for the goal LOVE without LIMITS.  It's out there for you just look at what's in front of you because you could already have it and don't even know it...  LOVE is a choose so go make the right one it could be the one thing that puts everything else in your life in order...

So, you may say while what is LOVE?  It's the passion you feel for someone else, it's the way your heart beat when he/she walks in the room, it's sharing looks that only you understand, it's holding hands for no reason, it's sharing your dreams and goals without feeling like you're been judge, and it's the willingness to make sure that the other person has what they need first.  LOVE is making a difference in the way you think about your life if that person wasn't in it... This is LOVE and it's worth having so don't hold back and don't give it up because you may never find it again...


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