Friday, August 16, 2013

Give Yourself Permission To Pleasure Yourself

"It's Your Turn Ladies"

Stimulating touch is a gift women, but we don't do it enough to ourselves. The first sexual partner we should have is ourselves.  Masturbation is a great way to introduce yourself to's important to learn and know what makes you body tick.  Masturbation gives you the opportunity to explore and develop your sexual fantasies and try new things with your body.  One of the most important thing when it comes to masturbation is self knowledge, this is the key to sexual health, well being and pleasure.  Because as women we always think of our partners but we have to started thinking about our own happiness through sex.

What you need to started doing to get to know yourself through sex is set a masturbation date with yourself and stick to it no matter what come up or happens doing that day.  You may be afraid at first but the more you spend time with yourself the more you'll learn about what you need and what makes you happy when it comes to loving yourself through sex.  You need to pick a time and a safe and comfortable space to masturbation.  And remember don't be shame or embarrassed this will totally increase you sexual confidence.  When you learn how and what it takes to please yourself you'll have no issues letting your partner know what you need from them.  When you give yourself permission to love yourself first it'll be easy to let someone else love you...  Please believe me when I say sex can always be a pleasurable thing if you know what makes you happy first.  This is a challenge learn to love yourself first then you'll have know problems loving others... Until our next session...  


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