Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kitchen Island

Design Pointers for Planning a Great Kitchen

  • Start with the look You want:  You can match existing cabinets for a unified look. And a portable island and it will become the focal point of your kitchen
  • Map the island's footprint:  Bigger isn't always better.  You'll need to be able to open the dishwasher without blocking traffic, or reach the range without a long walk.
  • Plan for seating:  If you have the space make it so you have some hangover so peoples legs will be able to comfortably at the island.
  • Remember the trade-offs:  Built in appliances and sink use up under counter space and can get in the way if you use the way if you use the island as a serving area.

  • Pick your height:  Standard counter height is 36" but 42" bar height surface hides the view of kitchen clutter from a family or dining room.

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