Friday, October 29, 2010

Elements of Style "Jewelry"

Women in Your 40s

Now things are getting dramatic.  Your collection is a brilliant brew of wild, elegant, and all round dazzling pieces ( At least mine is). 

Here are some Tips you and your jewelry...
  • Chunky is a good thing:  Large, demonstrative looks can often pull your whole ensemble, together like a substantial, sculpted gold cuff played against a stark black dress.
  • Something old, something new:  Add vintage like gems and edgier fare to your jewelry box is a modern way to dress.
  • Layers:  Layers and layers of pearls, thin gold chains or a beaded necklace work best against black.
  • Rings: Oversize rings are a jewelry that's here to stay
These are just a few tips you can wear and look great while wear them.

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