Sunday, October 10, 2010

Animal Prints

Ladies Ladies Ladies, when you are wearing animal prints make sure you are wearing the print not the print wearing you.

Make certain the item you reach for compliment you whatever age you are, as it can easily overpower your look if you aren't careful.  Here's a tip for each age....

Twenty Something

The limit on wearing any print, from cheetah, leopard, zebra, tiger, or giraffe, are far off in the distance.  If you are skinny girl try an animal legging beneath a solid tunic.  You may want to push the envelope a little and wear a animal print miniskirt, which can boost a simple black jacket and black knee boots to new style heights.

Thirty Something

A wrap dress calls out from the wild.  Younger women maybe losted in such a full bodied print.  You on the other hand, have seen a bit more of the world so it's okay with the curves you have.  Since the statement will be large, nearly head to toe, go red, black, or flesh-toned with your accessories to tastefully balance the look.

Forty Something

You need to get your hands on a wonderful animal print trench coat or jacket of great quality.  These coats paired with a fresh white T-shirt and black pants give the look of endless style.

 Fifty and Beyond
  Animal Prints are very old to you.  So you need to get a smaller accent piece.  Your shoes or a wide belt would be great in the animal print on top of a cream or black skirt.  Or maybe a simply long, silky scarf in a metallice animal print of you choose.  This is style done correctly.

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  1. Wear the animal print not let the animal print wear you! I like it!