Monday, October 4, 2010

How to Pick a Great Pair of Shoes

Induldge in the transformative powers of footwear.  In one week, you can be seven or more fabulous versions of yourself..  Here are a few tips for getting the right shoes for your LEGS:
  • Chunky heel or skinny heel?  If you are a devoted shoe lover who changes her looks with the seasons, you are constantly having to switch between a thick heel and a slimmer one.  The key is buying the right kind of both that will outlast fashion's whims.  A thicker heel is really only OK if you have thinner calves and ankles, otherwise, it will just look clunky.  On the other hand, anyone can pull off a skinnier shape that elongates the legs. 

  • Low can also look great to:  Dressed up flats will give your feet a rest but won't compromise on the look you want to achieve.  A printed number will make a pencil skirt pop or give a flared skirt a vintage feel.

  • Explore the exotics, whether real or fake, like croc and snake:  Create instant visual luxury and are added bonus neutrals that go with pretty much.
Helpful Hint:  You can never have to many shoes in your closet.  Just remember you don't always have to pay full price for your shoes..

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