Saturday, October 9, 2010

Your Bra and Panties Can Make or Break Your Outfit

 The Most Important Part of Your Outfit

I was out shopping today and there it was the four cheek in one under garment. 

 I don't know why any lady would purchase under garments that don't fit her bottom or wear under garments that are too small.  It's not an attractive look know matter what you may think all it does is show how little you know about putting you clothes together.  Don't be afraid of a thong it can give you that smooth look and makes the item you wear look awesome such as pencil skirts, form fitting dresses or a great pair of slacks.  It's really not a sexy look it's really a very tacky look and it always take away for your outfit.

Also, ladies the other thing you must watch out for is purchasing a bra that is to small.  There's a difference between push-up and to small.  And when you are wearing a bra that is too small it shows.  You ask how do you know if your bra is too small?  Well, when you breast are hanging out the top, side and the bottom it's really time for you to purchase a new bra.  Not only is your bra too small it should be very unconformable because you have to keep adjusting it.  So, to help you feel better and help you stop wearing those to small bras and saying there push up bras because they aren't.  A push up bra lifts you up and fits your breast very well and nothing will be hanging out they will just be pushed up correctly.   So, remember your under garments or just as important as your out garments.

And please stop going to work looking like you don't have a clue to what you are wearing.   You should always look professional when at work it could make the difference between getting a promotion and staying in the same position forever.

Remember, when you are wearing white clothes put on black under garments.

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