Saturday, October 30, 2010

Couple of Tips for What kind of Hat fits You

Hats aren't just for the summer or when you are having a bad hair day.  They are for all occasion as long as you know to put the assemble together.  You don't have to look like a model when you wear your hats just look good.  Make sure that your hat not only fits your head but it also fits your face.  If you are wearing a round and your face is round that wouldn't be a great match.  All that does is make you face and head look bigger. You can wear a round hat but it can't fit close to your head it needs to be a little bigger and rounder like the hat in the picture.

Now, this hat is made for the lady that wants to look sexy and stylish at the same time.  When your face is of a square shape the dip to one side is best for you look.  It gives you cover for the bad hair day without you looking bad. 

The TIP of today is hats are great for all occasions just make sure it right for you head and face.

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