Friday, November 26, 2010

Make Up Over Kill

Make up Applied Correctly

Make up Applied Wrong in Every way

Ladies, make up isn't or shouldn't be a mask it should be an accessory to show off your natural beauty.  And, Ladies if you don't know what you should be wearing on your face then wear as little make up as possible.  When you have the right skin care routine your natural skin will glow without a lot of make up. Maybelline has this new line that's a mousse foundation and it's great and looks very natural when you put it on your skin.  Now, let's talk about how to wear that eyeshadow.  Your eyeshadow should never be so bold that your eyes enters a room before your do.  What I mean by that is that you shouldn't look like you just put on the war paint and you're ready for battle.  If you're looking to impression with your look then I promise you that wearing your make-up and eyeshadow heavy isn't the way to do this.  All this does is let others know that you have self issues and this is the way you think beauty should look and that's not true.  When you do your make-up think about this if you look like a clown take it off and reapply it again.  All, I'm saying ladies is you're all beautiful made and you have a individual look so don't hide behind cakes and cakes of make-up or eyeshadow. 

Remember, when it comes to make-up less is always more....Tell me what you think about this subject I look forward to your comments.. 

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