Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hair Extension

Some people think it's just putting pieces of hair in your own hair and making it longer.  That's not all that goes along with having extension in your hair.  There's the care of extension also there are different types of extension.  Did you know that wigs are also extension?  I know some people may say know that's not true, but it's because a wigs are something you put on your head to make your hair look longer.  You have all types of wigs (lace fronts, half wig, etc.) toppers which just cover spots were you want your hair to look fuller in those thin spots.  Then their are braids this is when you add hair in that allows you to have cornrow, or single braids. This hair comes from bundles of hair that let you use the hair individually....  Then theirs clip ons which are pieces of hair with clips at the top of then so you don't have to mess with hair glue.  The clip-ons can be taken out every night just as a wig can be taken off every night... Theirs also what is called a weave and their are some many different ways for those to go in such as sewing, glue, etc..  But ladies when you wear extension make sure that they look natural and they match the color of you hair...  And, if you are putting something else in your hair to jazz it up stop over doing it.  The glitter is just to much so please please stop it unless it's a Holiday party you're going to...

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  1. Ladies should be aware that having a hair extension requires great responsibility. It they want to stay its lasting great appearance then they must do the maintenance.