Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Girl Power Is The Best Kind of Power

I was reading a book called "The Girls Guide to Building a Million Dollar Business" and the author was talking about how as women with hold ourselves back from being successful.  And all I could think was how true that was.  As women we have been taught that we need to be a man to be a success in this world, but that's not the true.

As women we are the back bone to every successful person on this earth.  If not for women there wouldn't be a President to run this country or a Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Sean Comb, and many other successful men.  Ladies we are the foundation and we keep this world running because support, take care of everyone and we are always there with a shoulder to cry on.  Ladies we set the standard for what this world is going to become so let's started showing our young ladies that there's nothing impossible for them to do in this world. 

We are women of many colors, shapes, and backgrounds but the one thing we all have in common is that we are WOMEN.  So, stop short changing yourself and be the mother, business women, and sister that you can where mint to be and make the difference in another women's lives.

These are just some of the faces of mothers, sisters, wives, and business owners....

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