Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Housewives of Beverly Hills

I've been checking out the Housewives of Beverly Hills and these women are totally off the chain. 

 First, there's Camille she acts as if she can do know wrong but she plays mind games with the rest of the women.  She doesn't act like she a wife she acts more like she's an airhead mistress and I see why her husband is only interested in the kids.  She needs to grow up and get a life.  She's upset because Kyle said that know one wants to be around her without her husband when the truth is know one would even know who she was if it wasn't for here husband. This woman is absolutely crazy she wants attention from everyone because her husband isn't interested in her at all.  

Second, there's Kim who doesn't have a back bone at all.  She wants to live in a fairy tale with her kids who really just want her to get a life.  Kim, thinks that she can act dingy and know one will call her out when really she has low self-esteem and really can't stand on her on without a family member telling her what to do.

Third, there's Taylor who's lips come in the room before she doesn't.  This woman is a plastic surgery nightmare.  What was the deal on her little girls party because I don't think it was about the child it was more about Taylor and her friends.  This chic is another one who's husband doesn't really care about paying her any attention.  My thing is how much nip tuck do you need before you husband will send time with just you. Tonight, when she went to see her husband backstage he didn't want her back there with him at all.

Forth, Lisa I like her because she really doesn't care what is really going on with these ladies but they have know clue.  Lisa is all about her restaurants, family and those dogs.  She doesn't have a lot going on in her life right now maybe it will change soon.

Fifth, Kyle should just be honest and say that she doesn't think Camille should be apart of there group of friends.  I think that Kyle thinks because she can boss her sister around she can do the with everyone else.  And, even though Camille is crazy Kyle needs to let it go and just stay away from Camille because this could mess with her husband business relationship.

Six, Adrienne just get a new weave because that one isn't working for her....   Well, I guess money can't buy you a good weave..

Check in and tell me what you think about the "Housewives of Beverly Hills"

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