Wednesday, November 24, 2010

First Impression Are Lasting

Ladies know matter what people may say First Impression are the one people always remember.  If you are going out this holiday season you need to make sure that you looking like a million bucks at all times. 
So, Here are a Few Suggestion if it's just Dinner with the Family
  •  A pair of dark blue jeans and a button down shirt (white), a nice pair high heels and blazer with color.

  • Ladies, if you are going to a dinner that's like a party then pull out the little red or black dress and don't forget to wear very bold accessories to pull you outfit together.

  • Nothing looks better Women then a sleek and fresh hair style that you've always wanted.

  • As for your jewelry pearls work with everything and they always make your outfit look classes ..
  Remember, don't over or under dress this holiday season because looking good is very important and again First Impression are lasting.  Check with someone who will tell you the truth about what you are wearing and won't lie to you.  Take these suggestion and have a wonderful holiday...

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