Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Perfect Wardrobe for Women in their 30's

Perfect Wardrobe in 30s 

We you turn 30 you've honed your personal style sophisticated but with a FASHION FORWARD EDGE.

A few years in the workforce as well as in the social swirl and you've accumulated both deeper pockets and a busy schedule.  You daytime lineup is chock full of chic staples charming blouses, a few pencil skirts, tailored trousers, and any number of great jackets.  But increasingly you find you have to segue from date to night without having the benefit of zipping home to try on five outfits in front of the mirror.  So how does one pull a plethora of looks from a bag Mary Poppins style?  Make sure you have the right bag, for one.  Buy a leather statement piece that can easily store a little sequined jacket or a pair of oh-so-sexy platform stilettos to spice up the tweed pencil skirt and filmy ladylike blouse you wore to the office. 

There should also be room for some wow accessories like bold necklaces, a gaggle of bangles, or a wide patent belt.

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