Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Introduction Etiquette

It is now the Holiday Season there are tons of Holiday Parties, Community Fundraisers and Networking Events scheduled all over town. If you are attending any of these events having proper etiquette is a must. If you have not taken an Etiquette class like most people, here are some easy tips for proper introductions.

Tip 1.
While networking remember to introduce yourself first before asking the other person's name.
Never walk up to someone and say, "What is your name?"
Always start with, "Hello, my name is John Brown."

Tip 2.
If a man and a woman is present, always introduce the man to the woman first. Example, "Mrs. White I would like for you to meet Mr. John Brown."

Tip 3.
Remember when doing introductions always pronounce the person's full name. Never introduce giving only the first name.
Proper name introduction would be: Mr. White or Mr. John White.

Tip 4.
Always give respect to older individuals. A younger person should always be introduced to the older person first. An example would be, "Mr. White I'd like for you to meet my son Jack Brown.

Tip 5.
A less prominent individual should be introduced to a prominent individual. Ex: Mr. Mayor I would like for you to meet Mr. John Brown.

Tip 6.
Never introduce one person using an adjective like " My Best Friend". It could be considered rude if another friend is standing near.

I hope these tips can be helpful to ease the burden of awkward introductions.

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