Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How To Buy a Classic Pearl Necklace

1. Shape: Pearls are round by definition therefore, the rounder the pearls in a strand the better.

2. Hue: Experience teaches that different people favor different hues. Like fair-skin women look good in a pearl that's whiter & other skin types look better in silver hue.

3. Length and Size: The right length depends on the neck, decollete, shoulders and of course the clothes. The classic lenght is 17 to 19 inches which is called princess lenght. It suits high or low necklines.

4. Luster: The surface and nacre of a pearl is important.

5. Consider the Classics: For a classic look, stick to Japanese pearls, South Sea pearls, and Tahitian pearls.

6. Presentation: Pearls are stung with a knot separating each pearl from the next, so that if the strand breaks, you may at most have to look for one.

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