Friday, September 24, 2010

Know Your Shape & Style

Find the Perfect Fit:  Their secret to looking great is choosing clothes that look like they were designed around your body..  Here's a few tips to help you with this...
  1. Before you even enter a store, know yourself....  What cuts and silhouettes accentuate your figure and what color complements your skin tone..
  2. Remember every trend isn't for everyone .... Once you know what cuts look good on you, stick with them.  There are enough new clothes every season for everyone.
  3. No two bodies are created equal... What looks great on someone else doesn't necessarily work for you and vice verse....
  4. Tailoring is tops...  Getting something altered, hemmed, or nipped in here and there can transform an item from simply good to absolutely perfect.  It's worth it even for your jeans

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