Friday, September 17, 2010

Season Change and So Should Your Make-up Women

As you know women our skin goes threw seasonal transitions.  Most of the times we neglect the importance of proper skin care and that isn't good for our skin at all.  So, always started with a basic cleaning regiment followed by a good conditioner based on your skin type.  There are several skin care products out here you must choose the one that fits your skin type best.

Also, Ladies when you are picking out your make-up make sure that you test your colors.  The way to do that is to take a little bit of the make-up and put it on the jaw line or the front of your hand.  Make sure you blend, blend, blend and again blend the color in to your jaw line or the front of your hand to see if that is the color for you.  This will help you to always get the right make-up and stop you from having that line around your face that lets everyone know that you have make-up on. 

I hope this helps with the cleaning of your skin and the applying of your make-up.  Smooooooches

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