Friday, June 15, 2012

System Management for Paper

"Manage Paper Influx and Supplies, it's easy to stay in Control" 

Tackle paper piles by making one night a week your filing night and set a timer for about 1 hour  at a specific time each week and use that time to tackle the chore of filing.  Stop filing when the timer goes off an be confident that you have done a much filing as you need to for the week.  And when the next week comes you repeat the same action an you will look up and all your papers will be filed correctly and in order.  Now, you have a system that works for your lifestyle.

Remember, piles accumulate only because you put filing off and by the time you look up you have more piles then you have time.  Once you realize that paperwork is just one issues and your mindset is the other work on both an you will conquer organizing with no problem.

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