Monday, October 22, 2012

My Journey Day 12 "Why Is Love so Hard?"

I woke up this morning thinking what's today going to be like.  I wonder if today was the day I was going to be able to handle all the things that came my way.  And, then I realized that I don't have to handle my day because it's already been handle for me.  God knew how this day was going to go and I don't have to make things happen myself because things are what they are.

So, then I started thinking about the conversation I had with a girlfriend about love.  I asked the question "Why is love so hard for some individuals and for others it's so very easy?"  And, as we started talking she said something that is so very true "it's only as hard as an individuals makes it."  And, in that moment I realize she was correct you choose to love or not to love someone or something.  Individuals really choose either to love or not to love because they want to take a risk of being happy with someone or being unhappy by there selves.  When I started to think on this subject I think about loving myself enough to always take a risk on loving others.  I don't ever want to give up on happiness for myself or with another individual.  I guess what I'm saying is when you lose something or someone important don't lose yourself in the process.  We can miss someone or something but we must make sure we are living a life full of joy and happiness because you can't get one hour of any day that has passed back so please live with a sense of purpose on purpose.

So, the question today is "Why is Love so Hard?" and the answer to that question is very simple.  "Love isn't Hard it's what You make It".  It can be romantic, friendship, partner to child, or family love it's just a choose and "Yes" it's risky but there's nothing better than being in love or loving someone or something to the fullest.  I wish individuals would stop thinking of love as a technical thing and started thinking of love as an experience that can for fill every part of your heart and life.  Please listen to me about this subject loving someone or something is really a great thing so if you can love someone do it and if you love something do it with know doubt.  Because if you do you will always wonder "what if" I had taken a risk on love where would I be...  People all I'm doing is telling you to live and love other individuals because you may find that love is a blessing.  I'm closing today's journal entry I hope it help you to think different when it comes to love and loving on different levels.

Until tomorrow.... Smooooocheeeesssss

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