Friday, July 27, 2012

How to Determine the Correct BRA size

"Being Comfortable in Your Bra"

  • Your Bra should fit firmly...evenly around the rib cage an shouldn't ride up in the back.  The shoulder straps should be snug without digging into your shoulders.  The larger you are, the wider you straps should be.  Also, put your bra on while bending over at the waist, and make sure the cups are filled buy not brimming over.
  • Use the middle hook on the back strap.  That way if the bra stretches out or shrinks a touch (or you do), you can tighten it or loosen it to whatever is most comfortable..
  • Try on several sizes from each style, as they may vary by brand and shape.  If you are a 32B in one bra, you may be a 34A in another bar.
  • Seek help in more lingerie stores, salesperson will happily measure you and help you determine the best styles for your body type...
  • Maximize the life Spanish of your intimates by hand washing them in cold water with gentle detergent.  If you must use the washing machine, hook the bra and put it in a net bag.  
This is the correct way to buy a bra and the correct way to clean your bras.

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