Friday, May 25, 2012

Tips for Going Paperless with Your Bills

Stand back and size up the clutter.  Think about it most of the piles in front of you are totally unnecessary.  Once you have realized this point you will be able to toss them without a issue.  These days you can get all your bills electronically via bank, credit union's it should be free and with just a few clicks you can authorize direct e-payment from your checking account.

Transferring you bill to online will help you stay on top of your income and outgoing because all debits and credits are tracked for you, no input necessary. You can also set up email alerts to remind you when you need to log on and take care of business, or create ongoing automatic monthly transfers.  This way you will never forget to pay your bills on time.

Lots of individuals worry about there safety don't as long as you put password protection security on your network when logging onto your account, that means no bill paying from public Wi-Fi hotspots (barnes & noble, Starbucks, etc.).

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