Thursday, May 17, 2012

Organizing Your Linen Closet

A small closet with doors and drawers can suffice for bed and bathroom needs if you pare down.  You can make this space your linen closet for your guest when you have visitors in your home.  
  • Put two sets of towels and rag so each person will have there own set of towels and rags.  Also, put two sets of sheets for the guest to use for the time that they are visiting. This will make them feel like they are in a hotel an it will also make them more relaxed.
  • Put a set of toiletries in a deep, tray that you can access as needed.
  • To avoid the messy piles of items divide towels in stacks according to size and color.  Store rolled up washcloths and hand towels in a smaller basket.
  • Use your top shelves for quits, extra pillows, and comforters up high.
  • Use your drawers for holding extras like shaving cream, razors, hair products and make up.

Now, you're equipped for your house guest and you have a wonderfully designed space in your house. 

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