Thursday, December 29, 2011

Life's To Short

When thinking about my life for the last year I knew I needed to change alot of things before I could go into the new year living the way I'm living now.  Being unhappy isn't away to live your life so, I had to make some changes in my life and the people that where in my life.  Once I looked around and all I could see where people who wanted something from me.  And, this is when I found myself saying that I was so very unhappy with the way I was living.  So, I made a decision to change what I listen to and who I hung around.  As I started this change I've notice that I feel better and I think clearer when it comes to me making decision for my life.  I finally feel comfortable with the people around me and I know now that it's not what I have or don't have it's just me when it comes to the people that are around me now and I truly feel free.  

Life is to short to do things that don't please God or yourself. So, if you are doing anything that make your life not worth living then you need to look at the people around you and the things you're doing.  This will give you a true picture of how your life is working it will show you the good and the bad in your life.  So, before the New Year comes in review your pass year so that you don't take negative thing into your future.

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  1. Great post and so true! I'm right there with you! Life looks so much better from my new point of view!