Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Business Etiquette

"How to Excuses Yourself from the Table"

As the entree plates are being cleared, there is natural ebb in the meal.  Should you need to visit the restroom, this is an appropriate time to do so.  When leaving the table, regardless of the reason, you should simply say, "Excuse me".  Don't share your need for a restroom, cigarette, or phone call.  There's such a thing as too much information and tell everyone why you are leaving the table is to much information.  Once you have excused yourself, stand and exit from the right side of your chair, lay your napkin on the seat of your chair, push your chair into the table and walk away.  Don't stand over other and continue to talk, just leave and return to your chair as quickly as possible so that know one feels the need to wait for you to order dessert.

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