Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friendship, Right or Wrong for You

How do you know when your friendship with someone is over?

When you started to grow and the people around you started to say it doesn't take all of that to have a successful lifestyle.  This is the first sign that you don't have the right people in you circle of friends.  A true friend will always push you to get better and when you get better those same friends will be there to celebrate you and celebrate your successes.  When you tell your friends that you're living your dreams and they can see that you are living the way you have always wanted to.  And, those friends tell you that they think you should slow down and be careful because you could lose everything you have worked so very hard for then those are friends you need to weed out of your life.

Sometimes, people want you to stay in one space because they don't want to see the dreams and goals in their own lives that they haven't accomplished.  

These are something you need to look for when you are getting into a friendship or a friendship you already have:
  • Does this person bring anything to the friendship?
  • When you go out is he/she always looking for you to pick up the tap?
  • When you are in need of help does he/she step up to help you or does he/she step in the background and say nothing?
  • If when you are around him/her you feel like they are always looking for a argument with you that's not a friendship.  That's a wolf in sheep clothing..
  • When you meet new people and they are happier for you than you so called friend just move on and get that person or those people out of you world...
Remember, these are just a few key things to look at when you are looking at true friendship...Because if a person is around you just for what they can get then you can do without those kinds of people around you.  You will never go where you need to if you have a ball and chain around your neck in the form of a friend. Think about these thing and clean out your friend closet.  Because when you clean out the old something new and better will come along, but as long as you have that old friendship you will never meet you new and true friends.....

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